The Challenge

The Fivestarman Field Guide and 45-Day Challenge

Working in tandem with the new Fivestarman book by Neil Kennedy, the Fivestarman Field Guide and 45-Day Challenge is your opportunity to embrace and process the Five Passions of Authentic Manhood into your life.

Each day, you will be challenged to exercise one of the five passions. The challenges will motivate you and draw upon the deep waters of your purpose. As you incorporate these challenges you will discover new conditioning in your body, new ideas will arise in your mind, passion will be rekindled in your marriage or relationships, new causes to pursue will present themselves, and new business ideas will begin to develop. You will also develop a new walk in your faith.

The Fivestarman Field Guide will kick start your day as you continually work through resurrecting authentic manhood in your life. You will shake off those things that hinder you and press toward the mark of a higher calling in your life. And at the end of the 45 Day Challenge you will be amazed at the results you experience as you forge ahead in your quest for authentic manhood.

Coupled with the handy, pocket-sized guide, we will also provide an online resource for you and fellow 45 Day Challenge participants to share resources, goals and ideas. Or if you are a part of a local Fivestarman group you are encouraged to huddle with other men at a Fivestarman Engage event. This small group sitting will help motivate you and build a camaraderie with others taking the 45 Day Challenge.