20 Actions That Say, “I Love You.”

20 Actions That Say, “I Love You.”
May 9, 2014 Neil Kennedy


Love is expressed in action. Consider how women have responded when asked to complete this sentence:

“I wish my husband would love me by…”

  1. By listening to me.
  2. By taking my ‘petty problems’ seriously.
  3. By communicating more openly with me.
  4. By noticing me more – not just when he wants sex.
  5. By saying “thank you” for the things I do.
  6. By being interested in my life or at least acting like he’s interested.
  7. By showing affection when other people are around.
  8. By sharing his goals and values with me; talking his business over with me.
  9. By remembering me with little gifts or just planning an evening out.
  10. By taking me out without the kids more – maybe just for a ride.
  11. By including me in the things he does.
  12. By trying to understand me.
  13. By getting involved with things I enjoy doing.
  14. By just holding me in his arms and talking to me.
  15. By being tender and using kind, gentle words.
  16. By helping in the discipline of the children.
  17. By saying little words of caring, compliments, and appreciation.
  18. By accepting me just as I am.
  19. By spending more time with the family.
  20. By making me feel like a woman.


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