300 Partner Thank You

Thank You for Partnering with FivestarMan

Your FivestarMan 300 Leadership Training Starts Now

  • The first Sequence is titled, Pastor and Key Leader and is geared specifically to you, the lead pastor, and your key leader.
  • Each session of Pastor and Key Leader is automatically delivered to your email Inbox.

So check your email now. Your first session is being delivered!

Need to grant access to a Key Leader?

If you wish to designate a Key Leader to assist you, he will need to register his personal account to gain access to the 300 Leadership Training Sessions and Resources.

To grant access to your Key Leader:

  1. VISIT THIS LINK (http://fivestarman.com/product/300-leadership-training-key-leaders/)
  2. Check the “This is a gift” checkbox.
  3. Add the email address of your Key Leader in the recipient’s field.
  4. Select the SIGN UP NOW button to advance to the checkout page.

Upon arriving at the checkout page:

  1. Use and apply the coupon code: keyleader
  2. Your order amount and recurring total will change to $0.00/month.
  3. Select the SIGN UP NOW button to finalize the new account setup.

Please Note:

By using the keyleader coupon code, you will NOT be charged any additional monthly fees. This “gifting” method allows your Key Leader to register his own personal account at no additional charge to you or him.

Upon checkout, the Key Leader will receive an email with instructions for activating his own account and will also begin receiving each session of Pastor and Key Leader Training automatically delivered to his email Inbox.