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A Personal Note from Neil Kennedy

neil-kennedyThank you for taking this crucial step to learn about the exiting opportunity we have to partner together and influence change—authentic change—in the lives of men. I’ve never been more excited, more determined, and more focused on the challenge we have to guide men into living the life God designed for them.

And honestly, the most exciting thing is knowing that you are absolutely going to see increase in your church as your men become empowered to come alongside you and do the work of creating lasting change in the lives of their families and the culture of your city.

FivestarMan 300 is a partnership. Quite simply, it is nothing without you. That’s why I go into great detail below to layout the complete strategy we have developed. But please, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me personally.

Be Strong & Be a Man! 1 Kings 2:2
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Introducing FivestarMan 300

Let’s get serious. We’re in trouble. Men, that is.

The last forty years have wreaked havoc on authentic manhood. Manhood in America has been redefined in our lifetime. I’m convinced this is how a society commits suicide.

I could give you an exhaustive list of statistics and show the collateral damage caused by the loss of authentic manhood. Your eyes would glaze over—your mind would wander—and you would conclude that all is lost and there is nothing that you can do. The only option for you would simply be to “occupy until He comes.”

However, that’s not the course that I’m willing to take. I don’t expect it is for you either.

Just sitting by and allowing others to fundamentally transform our culture isn’t an option for us. We have too much at stake. Our families depend on us. Our church members are looking for leadership. Our cities need our influence.

Our vision of the future is men rising up by the thousands to embrace authentic manhood.

But here’s the challenge—Our churches have given up on men!

Consider that only 10 percent of churches have an active men’s ministry. Those who do show the effort of men’s ministry attract only 20 percent of the men in their own church.

Churches, fellowships, and denominations have tried to define what a “man of god” looks like by getting a committee together and brainstorming what their fashioned ideas of manhood should look like. They hire ghost writers to draft a curriculum that will mold men into their image. The resulting “good-boy-church-guy” usually comes out looking pretty pale and impotent of all cultural influence.

Please excuse my sarcasm, but frankly, we’d better do something about it.

That’s why we developed FivestarMan 300.

FivestarMan is a message that speaks to the five purposes residing within every man. Those five purposes are the true characteristics of authentic manhood:

  • Adventurous
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Gallant
  • Faithful
  • Philanthropic

When we speak to those purposes, we draw upon the deep reservoir of authentic manhood and give a man understanding of God’s original intent for him. We’re not ranking the manhood of a man—one, two, three stars—we’re identifying the five purposes that are already there and giving him the tools to fully live an authentic life.

That’s why FivestarMan 300 is for you!

As a pastor you are pulled in many directions all of which compete for your valuable time. And I know one of the last things you want to do is take on even more. But here’s the best part. We do the work for you!

I’ll get into all the details in a moment, but here is what you can expect when you partner with FivestarMan 300.

  • FivestarMan 300 will empower you to identify, select, and raise up five key men—5 Capable Men—in your church.
  • Those 5 Capable Men will be trained and encouraged to engage a huddle of 10 men each.
  • In turn, those 50 men will be empowered to create an influence circle of an additional 5 men each with men they already know.
  • That’s an additional 250 men, plus the prior 50 men, plus the original 5 Capable Men.

Imagine the impact you could have on the lives of 300 plus men. Imagine the impact those men would have on your church, their families, and the culture of your city.

Please don’t brush off what you just read.

You might think those numbers are just pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking, but what if this strategy resulted in you gaining just 5% of those numbers? That would be 15 new men and their families added to your church. That in itself would be a powerful motivator, but I believe you can do so much more.

Listen, FivestarMan 300 isn’t a cute little program. We’re not designing women’s ministry for men where we just talk feelings. This isn’t youth ministry for men—we’re not playing sophomoric games. We also can’t create an accountability system that attempts to discipline men into holiness.

This is a serious strategy—a movement of men who are determined to live out the passionate life of authentic manhood.

Pastor, to be clear, I’m not going to waste my time trying to convince those who are satisfied shepherding a few sanctified saints while extreme ideologies are replacing our values and marginalizing manhood.

By now, you’ve already decided whether or not you’re serious about reaching men. If my bluntness hasn’t already caused you to stop reading—and you’re ready to do something about it—let’s move on.



The Difference Between Men’s Ministry & Men’s Movement

“Can you explain the difference between men’s ministry and men’s movement?”

One of the real challenges we’ve faced is that leaders assume FivestarMan is just another anemic attempt at men’s ministry.

The problem most pastors have with men’s ministry is that “we’ve been there and done that.” We’ve used our influence capital to rally the troops—so to speak— only to see a great start with a lousy follow-through.

So, I need to be very clear and answer the above question posed by Russ, “What’s the difference?

It begins with language and ends with results—measurable results.

We can’t blame someone for not receiving our message if we fail to communicate it in their language. We must speak clearly to reach men. Language is extremely important.

We often use colloquial language within the church that doesn’t translate well outside the church. For example, “Real Men Love Jesus” is a truth that you and I understand but men outside the church can’t translate it in their world. “Bible Study” and “Men’s Ministry” are equally as confusing. Do we study the Bible? Yes, absolutely. Is FivestarMan actually an effort of men’s ministry? Yes, but we’re more than that, we’re a movement of men.

It’s important to realize that the word ministry is interpreted by most men as charity. The word doesn’t convey strength and doesn’t attract men. There is no inherent, compelling reason to be a part of a ministry.

A movement is attractive to men because it invokes a call to action.




A movement is attractive to men because it invokes a call to action to stand shoulder-to-shoulder facing a challenge. It is also appropriate because a movement is “multiple voices speaking the same message to influence change.”

The goal of FivestarMan is for every man to live authentic manhood expressed through the five purposes that God originally intended for mankind.

These purposes are within EVERY man, those within and outside the Church. Communicating to a man these five purposes gives him a deep understanding of those purposes, enabling him to draw upon them in his daily life.

FivestarMan is an individual vision for a man, but is also a corporate vision for all men, thus a movement to influence an ever increasing anti-man culture.

For FivestarMan to stand as a movement we must:

  • Have a message that clearly speaks to the heart of men.
  • Risk allowing others to carry the message.
  • Have shared language that men can easily learn and repeat.
  • Have a brand that is attractive to all men.
  • Have a message that we deliver to them and a strategy to easily run with.
  • Avoid barriers, limitations of geography, structural hindrances, denominational fences, and programming.
  • Have reflexive and organic growth.
  • Honor protocols of authority.
  • Have multiple voices speaking the same message.

Ministries by their very nature and design must have restrictive guards in place to protect the integrity of the doctrine and heritage. A movement must have more fluid organization and a broad appeal to achieve a shared goal.

That is not to say we do not hold to the integrity of sound doctrine, but FivestarMan focuses on the five purposes of authentic manhood so that a man can cast aside what constrains him and ultimately move into sound doctrine in his faith walk.

Men within a movement are motivated to live up to the code of honor shared by the men. Thus iron sharpening iron isn’t just a catchy phrase, it becomes a reality in their lives.

Why should you encourage and lead your men to be a part of FivestarMan the movement of authentic manhood?

Because it will change their lives.
Because it will raise up leaders.
Because it will speak to this culture.

In the next section with you, I want to tell you about the first church that adopted FivestarMan and what they’ve experienced. It will encourage you.


We Started With a Message

My flight to Tulsa, Oklahoma, turned into an amazingly spiritual moment. As we were landing, I heard in my spirit—what I can only describe as the voice of the Holy Spirit— “I want you to build a movement to resurrect authentic manhood.” Then He said, “Focus upon the purposes within a man’s heart and he will cast aside what constrains him.”

As I was reaching to find something to write these statements down on, I quipped, “What are the purposes of a man?”

My mind immediately went to Proverbs 20:5, “The purposes of a man’s heart are deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out.” (NIV84)

Out of this verse the message of authentic manhood emerged. This message communicates to the five purposes that reside within every man.

When you communicate and give a man understanding of God’s original intent for him—life becomes a passionate pursuit.

I shared my experience with Pastor George Sawyer of Calvary Assembly in Decatur, Alabama. The Holy Spirit confirmed to him that FivestarMan was more than a message to be communicated, but also should be implemented into Calvary as their strategy for men.

Pastor Sawyer is as busy as most pastors with a host of things that pull for his attention. Yet, he also knew that his men needed this message in their lives. We planned the first FivestarMan Encounter for men to attend. Hundreds of men gathered that night to consecrate themselves to God.

Every man in the room responded to the message of authenticity, manhood, and purpose, and committed to being a FivestarMan—a man fully expressing the five purposes and walking in a daily commute with God.

Contrary to popular belief, we learned that men are spiritual.

We found that men were hungry to have an encounter with God. We believe the Spirit of God is already prepping the hearts of men for a prophetic message of repentance. (See Malachi 4:5) The first FivestarMan Encounter proved it.

Recently, George and I were talking about the impact FivestarMan has had on Calvary. He reflected,

“It took some time and consistency to speak this message to men. The men needed to hear it repeated. I’ve preached a series of messages, not only to the men, but also to their wives and children about authentic manhood. Now, it’s in the DNA of Calvary. The men want to be a FivestarMan. Wives want their husbands to be a FivestarMan. Children want their fathers to be a FivestarMan. Single women want to marry a FivestarMan.”

We’ve found the average church that adopts FivestarMan 300 will increase at least 10 men in their church within a few months. Imagine the influence of 10 new men in a local church can have!

Over the years, I founded two churches with a pretty simple goal in mind. I broke down my vision of building a great church with a very achievable goal in mind. That goal was to gain 10 families. If I could win those families the budget of my church would be the average medium household income of the community.

Planting the churches was about winning people to Christ and establishing a relevant, Spirit-filled, influence in a community. However, to build a church and in order to stay in that community, I had to make budget.

Steve McBrien, a pastor in Oswego, Kansas took me up on the challenge by implementing FivestarMan 300, and saw the results himself. He said,

“We’ve gained more than 10 families—we’ve gained 18 new families by first reaching the men! The results speak for themselves.”

I have confidence that you can reach men too. However, you can’t do it alone. That’s why FivestarMan 300 works—because we don’t expect you to do the work alone.

Next, I’ll share with you exactly how and why FivestarMan 300 is a movement of men to resurrect authentic manhood.


What We Do

The fact that you’re still processing and considering FivestarMan 300 with me confirms that you’re serious about reaching men. Frankly, only a small percentage of pastors will make it this far.

Why? Primarily because they’re distracted.

It happened in the early church. When the numbers of disciples were increasing, the twelve apostles began to hear complaints from the crowd. They knew if they didn’t respond that the complaints could compromise the Church’s work. They concluded that it wouldn’t be right for them to be distracted from prayer and to the ministry of the Word. The solution was to provide the content of the message while capable men under the protocol of authority carried the work of ministry. (See Acts 6:1-7)

That’s what we do. We do the work.

centurion-principleFivestarMan 300 helps you prayerfully select at least 5 Capable Men to become leaders of men under the protocol of authority which you provide. YOU ARE THE AUTHORITY. This is a very important distinction. We work through your leadership, not around it.

See exactly how this works by reading Centurion Principle-The Protocol of Authority.

We assign a coach that will grow the leadership capacity of the capable men through a step-by-step process. The 5 Capable Men will encourage and engage 10 men that they meet in a weekly huddle. We provide the content of the five purposes to teach and inspire the men, ensuring they are focused on their purposes and casting aside every weight that could constrain them.

Imagine what will happen in your church when at least 5 Capable Men are selected, coached and empowered to lead men.

FivestarMan 300 Matrix

But that’s just the start. Here’s what FivestarMan 300 looks like in action:

  • On-going coaching for your selected capable men through the FivestarMan 300 Field Guide, our exclusive online training sequence delivered automatically to your tablet, mobile device, or computer—24/7.
  • Launching FivestarMan in your church with the AUTHENTIC Weekend Encounter.
  • We provide three themed Encounters per year.
  • We deliver over a year’s worth of FivestarMan Engage Curriculum for systematic teaching that gives understanding of the five purposes.
  • 365 Daily Encouragements called The Daily Champion delivered to each FivestarMan by email.
  • Access to The 45-Day Challenge and Field Guide.
  • Ideas, examples, and opportunities for men to have excursions—men’s events, sports, retreats, business seminars, webinars, conferences, et cetera.
  • Use of the FivestarMan logos and branding.
  • Timely articles and cultural updates from our authors at FivestarMan.com.
  • Available FivestarMan resources—books, curriculum, and collateral.
  • FivestarMan.com — an online magazine that inspires men to live with authenticitymanhoodpurpose.
  • Gain the synergy and inertia of a movement of men.


How We Do It

“Write my answer plainly on tablets,
so that a runner can carry the correct message to others.
This vision is for a future time.
It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled.”


Introducing the FivestarMan 300 Field Guide

When you partner with us for $199 a month, you gain immediate access to the FivestarMan 300 Field Guide.

The FivestarMan 300 Field Guide clearly communicates the message of authentic manhood to you and your capable men, providing coaching, content, and structure that is delivered automatically to your tablet, mobile device, or computer—24/7.

  • The 300 Field Guide is an online-training sequence that is delivered to the tablets of capable men, providing coaching and encouragement through each step of the PLAN in the PURSUIT of FivestarMan and the five PURPOSES of authentic manhood.
  • FivestarMan 300 provides three themed Encounters each year to call men to action. The Field Guide provides your capable men everything they need—coaching, content, structure, collateral, branding, and marketing materials—so they can engage men as they journey to each Encounter.



  • You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail. -Proverbs 19:21
  • When plans do not align with purpose, confusion is inevitable.
  • Details and action steps are provided in the Pursuit Sessions.


  • Living the Five Passions of Authentic Manhood.
  • Building the FivestarMan 300 Matrix in your church through the FivestarMan 300 Field Guide partnership.
  • Raising up 300 Capable Men in 300 Cities to influence 3 Generations.


  • A Pursuit is an activity that one engages over a period of time with intentional direction; a course of action toward an objective.
  • FivestarMan 300 Field Guide is a Pursuit with a measured timeline toward a themed FivestarMan Encounter three times a year.
  • Each Pursuit has a series of Sessions. The Sessions include the Plans—action steps, emails, webinars, phone calls, follow-up, branding, and more— that empowers your Capable Men to encourage and engage the PURPOSES.

We partner with you to build FivestarMan 300 in your church. We ask you to partner with FivestarMan to change the culture of 300 cities.

By the year 2020, we will introduce FivestarMan to 300 cities, raise up 300 Capable Men in those cities that will influence 3 Generations. Partnering with you to raise the voice of authentic manhood in your city will have the added synergy of 300 cities raising the volume of authentic manhood all across America.

This is a true partnership. By standing shoulder-to-shoulder facing the challenge, FivestarMan 300 will change the culture of manhood—in your church, in your city, in our country.

You’ve heard the statistic—when a man comes to Christ you will reach his family over 90 percent of the time. Contrary to popular culture, man is the gate of authority to the home. When Peter accepted the invitation into the home of Cornelius, a Roman Centurion, he found the house filled with family, friends, and employees. Cornelius’ entire household was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.

We must have a strategy to reach men. With FivestarMan 300, you will reach men… you will win families.

Let’s partner together.

Jumpstart your partnership with us now for $199 per month and gain immediate access to FivestarMan 300 Field Guide.

Partner with us now

Still hesitant? I understand. I’ve been a pastor.
I started two churches and served as the Executive Pastor of one of America’s largest churches. I’ve invested my time, provided staff, and a large portion of my budget was assigned to reaching teenagers, providing children’s ministry, music ministry, facilities, and of course, women’s ministry, et cetera—all justifiably. Yet, in none of my experience did I invest in a strategy to reach men. Less than 10 percent of churches have a men’s ministry. Those who do attract less than 20 percent of the men that already attend the church. We can change that.

Not convinced? Ok, let’s do the math.
The average church will likely gain at least 10 new families within a few months of partnering with FivestarMan 300 and following the Field Guide. The men that become a FivestarMan will express the five purposes of authentic manhood, including being faithful financially. Your partnership will be covered by simply reaching one man! We fully expect 10 new men.

Honestly, I don’t mind talking numbers because I’ve proven them. I’ve seen them work.
Let me be transparent—I’ve learned that few people will read a free book, and even less honor free advice. If you’re going to have the benefits of this strategy, you must have skin in the game, so to speak.

TheFivestarMan leadership team—our Roundtable of Leaders, Coaches, Tech Team, and myself—are committed to reaching men. We’re committed to partnering with you.

Let’s do it!

Partner with us now