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Pastor, let’s partner together and influence change—authentic change—in the lives of men.

Empower your men to create lasting change in your church,
in the lives of their families, and the culture of your city.


You get immediate access to our entire video curriculum, plus our complete library of leadership training designed to help you grow the men in your church while gaining new men.


We provide the structure you need to fully engage your leaders and men. Our proven strategy will change the dynamics of authentic manhood in your church.


Our leadership training coaches provide one-on-one advice to you and your key leaders. When you partner with us we go the extra mile to ensure your success in leading men.

“I’ve preached a series of messages, not only to the men, but also to their wives and children about authentic manhood. Now, it’s in the DNA of Calvary. The men want to be a FivestarMan. Wives want their husbands to be a FivestarMan. Children want their fathers to be a FivestarMan. Single women want to marry a FivestarMan.”

-George Sawyer, Calvary Assembly, Decatur, GA

We do the work for you!

As a pastor you are pulled in many directions. One of the last things you want to do is take on even more. Partner with us and we’ll do the work for you!

Here is what you can expect when you partner with FivestarMan 300.

  • FivestarMan 300 will empower you to identify, select, and raise up five key men—5 Capable Men—in your church.
  • Those 5 Capable Men will be trained and encouraged to engage a huddle of 10 men each.
  • In turn, those 50 men will be empowered to create an influence circle of an additional 5 men each.
  • That’s almost 300 men ready, willing, and able to help you do the work you are called to do!

Imagine the impact you will have on the lives of 300 plus men. Imagine the impact those men will have on your church, their families, and the culture of your city.

Your $199 monthly partnership provides access to your entire team.

You can easily add others from your team at no extra cost. That means you, a key leader, and all your capable men have their own login and access all the same training. There are no extra user fees or add-ons.

We make it simple (and cheap!) for EVERY LEADER
in your church to access the FivestarMan Leadership Training.

A Personal Note from Neil Kennedy

neil-kennedyThank you for taking this crucial step to partner together and influence change—authentic change—in the lives of men. I’ve never been more excited, more determined, and more focused on the challenge we have to guide men into living the life God designed for them.

And honestly, the most exciting thing is knowing that you are absolutely going to see increase in your church as your men become empowered to come alongside you and do the work of creating lasting change in the lives of their families and the culture of your city.

FivestarMan 300 is a partnership. Quite simply, it is nothing without you. So please, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me personally.

Be Strong & Be a Man! 1 Kings 2:2