5 Reasons to Celebrate the Authentic Man in Your Life

5 Reasons to Celebrate the Authentic Man in Your Life
February 3, 2014 Neil Kennedy

5 Reasons to Celebrate the Authentic Man in Your Life

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s face it. Men have become easy targets for humor and ridicule, criticism and blame, even downright antipathy. So much venom has been spewed  toward men it’s no wonder that the traditional roles of authentic manhood are questioned.

But know this—as I have devoted the last few years writing and speaking to men, I’ve discovered there are tens of thousands of men who are not the butt of every joke.  I’ve discovered men who are intellectual giants. Men who represent manhood with dignity and respect. Men who are faithful to their wives and are not addicted to beer or porn. I’ve met men who are extremely generous and financially capable. Men who are living for a cause and not for boy toys. Men who are authentic.

I’ve been amazed at the authentic manhood displayed by men all across this country.

  • In the mountains of Colorado, I have seen men taking early walks into woods to commune with God.
  • At FivestarMan Encounters, I have witnessed every man in the room come to an altar and plead with God on behalf of their families.
  • I’ve received emails, texts, tweets, and Facebook updates from men pledging their life to authentic manhood.
  • We have thousands of men who connect with FivestarMan.com each month.

It’s high time we celebrate these men who are doing it right. Here are 5 Reasons To Celebrate The Authentic Man in Your Life.

1. Authentic men are willing to risk everything for what they believe in.

Yes, there are cowards among us. However, there are some amazingly brave men in our midst. Legendary men who are willing to lay down their lives for their loved ones, but also men who put their lives on the line for complete strangers.

Not long ago, my wife gave me a small note of appreciation that simply thanked me for the “hundreds of sacrifices” that I made for her and our kids. To be perfectly honest, I never thought of what I did as a sacrifice. I considered it my duty.

What about the man in your life — the one who is willing to sacrifice his personal goals, dreams, ambitions, and even desires for his family? You may want to take a minute and write a note to celebrate the man in your life.

2. Authentic men work hard, grueling hours to provide.

The motivation to get up early and stay late at work is to provide — to meet the needs for the household, grant the desires of his family, and fulfill his purpose. There are some jobs that are simply tough, thankless jobs, and yet men do them. Why? Because men are motivated by the internal desire to “leave the cave, kill something, and bring it home.”

When was the last time you celebrated the provision that the man in your life brings home? Rather than complaining there’s not enough and constantly listing the things you want, why not take a break and simply say, “Thank you for all that you do.”

3. Authentic men want to show women respect.

Even though Madison Avenue marketing firms think you can’t sell a hamburger without a half-naked woman with sauce dripping off her lips, there are men who turn away from such indignity of women and are not in any way attracted to the brazen woman.

The men I have had the privilege to meet over the last few years are dedicated to living honorably and faithfully in their marriage.

Yes, it is difficult in modern society to be a gentleman, but it’s refreshing to see men who are reestablishing the standard of authentic manhood. Men who open doors for ladies. Men who dress well to represent themselves properly. Men who have manners at the table and speak with articulation.

Ladies, you may want to go out on a real date with the man in your life. Go where reservations are required, where you use utensils, napkins, and engage in conversation over a fine meal. Go where life is celebrated and the evening ends with a romantic dance.

4. Authentic men have intelligence, integrity, and are spiritual.

Contrary to popular opinion men are not dumb brutes grunting their way through life. There are still men who hold themselves to a high degree of honor and dignity. And in spite of most people’s opinion, men are overwhelmingly spiritual.

I am amazed at the response that men give to our articles and blogs regarding the spiritual hunger for authentic manhood. There are hundreds of men rising early each day to read The Daily Champion and Proverbs. I hear from men who have turned their drive to work into a prayer commute seeking new ideas and witty-inventions. Men who turn their drive home as a time to intercede and bless their family.

When was the last time you asked the man in your life to pray for you? For your child’s needs? For a dream that you have?

5. Authentic men want to leave a legacy.

Solomon said it best, “God placed eternity in the heart of man.” The man in your life is striving for something greater than himself. He wants to live for something more than just cars, clothes, and cottages. He has a cause.

In fact, you may be the cause of his life. There are men who have completely devoted themselves to the cause of their family. They awaken early with a deep desire to provide and retire late in the evening with a sense of protecting their families.

There is a fire that burns within a man’s soul that is more tempered for eternity than for the immediate. That is why at times he may seem distant. He may appear distracted from the present needs because he is so focused on the long term.

Men need a sense of security in relationships. They can’t be at their best if there is constant drama. Your life isn’t a soap opera or a real housewives reality show. Don’t suck up the energy in the room with strife.

When was the last time you talked about long distance dreams and goals?

Let’s just take a brief moment to show a little gratitude for the man who isn’t cowardly, lazy, obnoxious, brutish, carnally looking at every woman, and selfishly living for themselves. Let’s celebrate the man in your life that is actually working toward being the knight in your fairy tale and the prince in your romance.


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