8 Streams of Currency to Empower Your Life

8 Streams of Currency to Empower Your Life
July 28, 2014 Neil Kennedy


by Neil Kennedy

What currency do you place your confidence in?

If you want to start a lively debate, tackle the economic theory arguing which currency is best—dollar, yen, euro—or should we return to the gold standard?

The reality is—a currency is only as good as the confidence it holds in our minds. Did you know you have the most valuable of all currencies on deposit within you?

That’s right—without man there is no economy.

Within every man is a Divine deposit guaranteeing him the ability to meet his needs, grant the desires of his family, and finance his purpose. I call it God’s currency.

When a man gains understanding of this deep well of potential, his life becomes a passionate pursuit of this purpose—it is the entrepreneur’s advantage.

Consider the 8 Streams of God’s Currency:

1. Wisdom is the Principle Thing

When you gain wisdom you have the source of all other currencies available. This is the gold standard of all currencies. Solomon asked for wisdom; therefore, he received everything he didn’t ask for.

2. Knowledge and Skill

With knowledge and skill, you will experience promotion above your peers. Take Daniel for example. God gave Daniel knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom; therefore, the King promoted him above all others. He was in great demand and was rewarded financially for it.

3. Favor and Influence

Favor is a currency opening doors once closed. Influence is a currency moving others to action on your behalf. Favor is better than labor. Favor flows into your life to put you into special positions of influence.

4. Revelation and Discernment

Discernment is understanding the times you’re presently in and revelation is understanding the future. Noah discerned the wickedness of his time and was given revelation of a coming calamity. He labored intensely to prepare a way of escape for his family.

5. Creativity, Ideas, and Inventions

God has given us the most amazing ability to dream and imagine things which do not exist. We can take an idea and invent ways to fashion it into being created. Haven’t you walked into a store to see an idea you once had now for sale on a shelf? Someone had the same idea, but they did something with it—they fashioned it into a reality. Now, they’re being paid for it.

6. Leadership

There isn’t a day that goes by that CEOs are maligned in our culture. It’s such an easy mockery of small-minded people. The fact of the matter is leadership comes with a high price. You may not like that a CEO makes millions, but unless you own stock in the company, it’s not your money to complain about. The better question for you to ask yourself is, “How can I become a stronger leader?”

7. Economic Strategies

There are men who have learned their ability to understand finance and to use the laws of exchange as a currency for themselves. God’s currency provides economic strategies and financial plans for you. He will show you ways to move from just a consumer to an investor.

8. Work

Work is the first purpose God gave to man. In fact, God assigned man work before He gave him a wife. Work allows us to use our time and talent in exchange for currency. It is the law of exchange: you give hours of your effort for their work and they give you a paycheck. The goal is to progress in your work from a laborer to management to ownership.

You have a gift within you—put there by God for your advantage. Tap into God’s currency—the currency you can put your confidence in—and see what you can exchange it for.

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    Great article with great advice with challenges

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