8 Ways To Show Passion for Your Job

8 Ways To Show Passion for Your Job
May 19, 2010 Neil Kennedy

In the current economic climate the job market has become increasingly volatile; therefore, just showing up is not enough, we have to set ourselves apart from our peers. Keeping the edge is important.

1. Look Professional

Your physical condition is important but dressing properly can be even more important. Recent trends have made work attire more casual, but that doesn’t mean it should be sloppy. Target your attire to be a notch above the norm. Don’t overdress, but certainly don’t allow yourself to be underdressed for the job. A gallant man is groomed, fit, and always appropriate for the occasion.

2. Be a Team Player

Let go of self and embrace the team. Companies exist to turn a profit. If its workers are not producing as a team, the company will cease to exist in the future. I was recently in a store where the workers had such a lousy and selfish attitude that I wanted to leave immediately to find another place to shop. Workers should not take a customer for granted, especially not in today’s economic climate.

3. Be a Solution Not a Problem

You are not hired to cause problems; you are hired to solve them. If you are not solving business problems for your employer, you will soon find yourself solving a personal problem – looking for a job. I always say, “When you see a piece of trash, you own it.” That means, you should take the initiative and pick it up. Take ownership. The small act of eliminating a piece of trash may seem meaningless, but it shows you are ready to act as if everything depends upon you.

4. Know Your Competitor Better Than They Know Themselves

I had a board member that was a renowned expert in his profession. He was the go-to-guy for advice in his field of expertise. He told me, “Pastor, when I enter a meeting, I’ve read everything I can find on their business. I know more about them than they know themselves. Therefore, I am always in control of the subject.”

5. Forecast Trends

You can be ahead of the curve if you study trends. Where is the market going in your business? What do your customers want you to provide for them? It’s amazing how obsolete a company can become simply by allowing the market to move away from them. Can you imagine being in the vinyl record industry today? Or trying to make it as a cassette tape supplier? Even compact discs are becoming obsolete. Take some time to forecast trends in your field.

6. Work While You Are Working

I am amazed at how little people actually work. Develop a work ethic. Don’t waste time on the casually browsing the web or fiddling with your cell phone when you are supposed to be working. Focused intensity can produce amazing results.

7. Speak Positively about Your Company

Even if your company is not doing well currently, start turning it around by speaking optimistically. It will not help you or your company by tearing it down.

8. Show Up on Time and Be Prepared

It’s ridiculous how people are constantly late for work or assignments. It is slothful and unethical. They are robbing the company of progress and will eventually cost the company everything. There is no excuse for it.

These eight simple, relatively easy steps can set you apart from the crowd. Mastery of these skills will most certainly bring you promotion.


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