An Authentic Man Celebrates Woman

An Authentic Man Celebrates Woman
December 30, 2009 Neil Kennedy

Creating woman was an idea conceived by God.  God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.  I will make a helper suitable for him.”

The idea was that with woman, man had a perfect fit in her being with him.  This means that a woman is a perfect match for man in fulfilling his original purpose.

Most men struggle with the concept that he needs a woman; but an authentic man celebrates a woman.  He understands emptiness and loneliness without her.  God said that man needed a woman.  He emphasized man’s lack.

One of the greatest cause for societal breakdown is man’s irresponsibility to fulfilling his original purpose and his lack of celebrating woman’s original purpose as a suitable helper.

An authentic man celebrates the strength of a talented, smart, and confident woman.

Society has promoted that the most attractive woman is a dumb and busty blonde.  This type of woman is only attractive to the weak man who’s conquests are shallow.

A FivestarMan is gallant; meaning that he celebrates a woman as God intended.  She is strong, smart, and pure.  Her glory is not only the physical beauty that she carries with dignity, but the deep rivers of virtue within her.

Keys to Celebrating a Woman

  • Understand that you are incomplete without the right woman to celebrate.
  • Invest in her. Adam was given the honor to name the woman giving him the responsibility for her.
  • Woman was drawn from the side of man, not from the feet of man. She is not positioned under him, but beside him.
  • Woman is the original God ordained suitable partner for a man.
  • Woman is the perfect fit for man.
  • When a man and a woman agree on earth, nothing is impossible for them.


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