Are You a Man or an Ostrich?

Are You a Man or an Ostrich?
January 2, 2013 Neil Kennedy

Man or Ostrich

Some men simply will not address the issue. The issue that is so big, boastful, and obvious that everyone else sees it in his life but he himself is unwilling to confront it. He hides his face in the sand like an ostrich. “If I don’t recognize its existence than I can avoid the pain of confrontation,” he says to himself. It may be a financial issue. It may be a marriage issue. It may be an issue with his child. He may know of issues at his company, yet out of job security, he is unwilling to say anything.

You cannot correct what you are unwilling to confront.

Denial does not solve problems. Appeasement is not victory. Avoidance will not last. You must be willing to confront your problems.



You need to go to the Knowing for knowledge. Learn from someone who has faced this challenge and won. Don’t get your advice from someone who failed.

If you want fitness, get a coach who is fit. If you want health, get a doctor who focuses on wellness. If you need financial security, learn from someone who has mastered money who faced similar circumstances as you. If you want a great marriage, learn from someone who has endured in relationships. If you want advice for raising children, find someone who is ten years ahead of you, who has raised strong, healthy, balanced, and well-behaved children.


Facing a challenge can actually be exhilarating. Winning at this level will qualify you for greater challenges. The higher the risk, the greater the rewards in life. The struggle strengthens you. Don’t cower when you are facing a challenge. If you fail in times of adversity, how weak is your strength? Man-up!


Every challenge brings an opportunity to learn. If you do not learn, you will repeat. Let me say that again. If you do not learn, you will repeat.


When facing a challenge, have confidence to win. Don’t be wishy-washy when confronting a challenge. Fear is a magnet of all kinds of evil.

Have you ever had to stare down an angry dog? If you run, or show fear, the dog is empowered by the smell of your fear. If you stand your ground, make eye contact, raise your voice, that dog will turn from you. “Resist your enemy and he will turn tail and run.”


Never assume a victory. You must inspect what you expect – meaning, if you want a victory, you must finish the challenge.

Most men want excellent lives with 80 percent effort. I have noticed that many victories are lost because of failure to follow through. When facing the challenge of Goliath, David said, “I will decapitate you!” David didn’t even have a pocket knife. He was essentially saying, “I will knock you to the ground, grab your own sword and slice your head off.” He did it!

The fact is, you are going to face challenges, the question is whether or not you will confront them head-on or drop your head and put it in the sand.

So which is it going to be? Man or ostrich?


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