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  • For Mothers of Sons

    This year has been a very special year for my wife, Kay, and I. Our first grandsons were born exactly…

  • How to Get a Non-Religious Spouse to Pray with You

    Your example of faith will have a cleansing effect upon your unbelieving spouse.

  • How to Teach Teenage Boys to be Gentlemen

    There isn’t a more profound experience from any teacher that surpasses the lessons that I learned from Coach Ken on…

  • Good vs Evil: Imagination vs Fantasy

    Our mind's ability to imagine is incredibly ingenious. However, if perverted, imagination often becomes fantasy and can destroy.

  • 7 Meaningful Touches Revisited

    Last year on Valentines I wrote, "7 Meaningful Touches Every Husband Should Use to Reach for His Wife." It has…

  • It's Black and White, Not Gray: Dominion vs. Domination

    There is a thin line between God's original intent and man's perversion of it. It normally isn't a "black and…

  • The Empowered Man

    My wrestling coach was a man's man. He was strong, but kind. He was smart but silent. I noticed how…

  • 3 Things to Activate in Your Life

    The battlefield is in your mind. Your thoughts are powerful. In fact, God can do nothing in you beyond your…

  • Multiply Your Resources

    How do you grow your business when you have nothing? Jesus demonstrated some key lessons by feeding the multitude.

  • Men Look On the Outward Appearance

    A gallant man is properly groomed and appropriately dressed for every occasion.