It's Black and White, Not Gray: Dominion vs. Domination

It's Black and White, Not Gray: Dominion vs. Domination
February 11, 2015 Neil Kennedy

A Commentary by Neil Kennedy

There is a thin line between God’s original intent and man’s perversion of it. It normally isn’t a “black and white” issue — it’s a shade of gray.

Words matter. The word dominion has the original intent with which God formed the earth and created the currency of the earth, which is the reproductive ability of the seed to produce after its own kind. However, God did not release the potential of the seed until there was a Man to work it.

After God created Man in His own image, the first words that the Creator spoke to him was, “Be fruitful and multiply.” With that Blessing, Man was empowered to have dominion over the sea, earth, and sky. The first gift that God gave to Man was seed. With seed, Man would determine his diet.

Dominion is the positional authority of stewardship. It means to rule, to teach, to cultivate. It means to govern, in the sense that dominion establishes boundaries and directional intent. When mankind operates with dominion, there is form and infrastructure.

God’s original intent for Man was to take from the storehouse of seed (the Garden) and spread it over the earth, thus taking dominion over it — cultivating, training, giving directional intent.

The failure of Man was when his nemesis, Satan, entered the picture by deceiving Eve. His scheme was to seduce and persuade her that three positives can’t be wrong — the Tree was attractive; it would satisfy a craving, and she would gain from it.

Our nemesis, Satan, is a deceiver. Deception is the subtle use of delusion. He doesn’t show his true colors, he masquerades. He uses mendacity, the art of lying, to change definitions. So, the black and white becomes gray by a very small, subtle departure. Dominion becomes domination. What was meant for good becomes perverted. The downward spiral begins.

Social media is ablaze with thousands of articles with clever titles to address the issues of 50 Shades of Grey book and film. To be perfectly honest, I find it amazingly sophomoric for us to be pulled into the argument. The book and movie is a fruit of the issue, not the cause of it. It is a distraction.

The real issue is domination — not the games people play in their secret rooms. Domination is the perversion of God’s original intent for mankind. Rather than cultivate, teach, train, and give directional intent — rather than protect, promote, and empower the potential — domination is subversion, control, abuse, violence, intimidation, manipulation, and insidious pleasure of pain.

Domination is at the heart of the matter. It is the usurpation of proper authority and Godly order. It is the seduction of dictators and despotism. It is when a man wants absolute power and control, not only over the sea, earth, and sky, but also over other men.

God gave Man dominion to rule, but never dominate over mankind.

Domination is a sickness of sin — a disease of delusion. It is driven by a false identity, rooted in narcissism. It is arrogance beyond imagination. It perverts a man to devalue others for his pleasure. It is what controls the tyrants.

It’s not about the bedroom. It’s in bureaucratic chambers and boardrooms where domination makes it’s most insidious marks.

So, while the girls line up to be seduced into sexual torture, society is distracted from the real domination that is taking place — the binding and sadistic pleasure of despots making plans in their secret rooms.

Domination is the motivation behind the Islamic State — their brutality can’t be comprehended — rape, torture, binding, and sadistic pleasure at the expense of human life. While American women are being seduced by a slick charlatan in a gray suit, others are finding opportunity to join a radical jihad to fulfill their narcissistic pleasures.

As men, we must have integrity within our position of leadership. We’re given dominion and authority to lead with conviction, demonstrating care and compassion, exercising stewardship and cultivating the potential of what we govern.

As a FivestarMan, I want to examine my leadership, submitting my motivations and appetite to lead with integrity and honor. I want my hand to bless and benefit those within my reach. As an authentic man, my entertainment does not come from the torture of a woman, nor does my power come from the control of others.

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