The Capable Man: Session 9

The Capable Man: Session 9
March 20, 2017 Editor

The Capable Man: Session 9

Weekly Engage: The 10 Men You Meet in the Huddle


Matthew 10:1
Jesus called his twelve disciples together and gave them authority to cast out evil spirits and to heal every kind of disease and illness.


When Jesus wanted to change the world, he selected, engaged, and empowered a huddle of men.

Interestingly, the men that Jesus selected were not among the government elite, academic, societal, nor religious hierarchy. Although we do not know every occupation of each of the disciples, we do know they were considered ordinary men with no special training. The distinction that marked each of these men isolated on the fact that they had been with Jesus (Read Acts 4:13).

To ENGAGE is to bring men together, preparing them for a contest, a battle, to interlock with one another, and to pay attention to something.

A weekly engage with men will prove to be one of the most valuable and rewarding aspects of the FivestarMan movement. As a leader, you will see the lives of men dramatically change. By engaging men, you’re preparing them for the weekly contest of authentic manhood.

Men are facing real challenges. Present culture, challenges in their families, and financial crisis’ are badgering men, goading them to give up. By paying attention to them and empowering them with strategies, you will be a key to coaching them to succeed.

Jesus only spent about three and a half years in earthly ministry. He did not have much time. In order to change the world, he selected, engaged, and empowered a huddle of men. Jesus didn’t waste his time, he invested in the men that he met in the huddle. He taught the message of the Kingdom of Heaven. He transferred authority to cast out evil spirits and to heal diseases and illnesses.

Make no mistake about it. The men that you’re engaging are standing toe-to-toe with a very real enemy—the anti-man spirit.

For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.

I like Paul’s words, “For we…” We’re not alone! We are standing shoulder-to-shoulder facing these enemies together. We engage each other and as a result are stronger together.

Let me be clear about the strategy behind the Weekly Engage. It’s men coming together in a small huddle for a quick strategy and motivation for the next move toward the goal. It is team building by strengthening each man.


We will get into the fine details at a later date but let me give you some bullet points on what works and doesn’t work when engaging men.

What we DO:

  • A Capable Man watches the video teaching, reads the Field Notes, and prepares himself with prayer at least two or three days before the Engage.
  • We value the time and effort of men to engage, therefore we’re prepared.
  • We realize that men are facing real challenges and need strategies and courage to face them.
  • We coach men to draw upon their deep purposes.

What we DON’T do:

  • We do not start late and wait around for others to show up. Doing so will unconsciously train the men to come late or not attend at all. It is dishonorable toward the men that are there on time to have to wait for those who are not.
  • Do not pull things off the shelf and wing it. Men see right through it. It is offensive for them to make all of the efforts to attend a men’s meeting and not have a very clear message from the leader.
  • Do not drag on and on with a message. It is better to leave men wanting more than wearing them out.
  • We do not put men on the spot by asking inappropriate questions, nor asking them to read a scripture out loud. Engage is not a Sunday School class for adolescents.
  • We do not allow someone to dominate the talking or sidetrack the teaching.
  • We do not speak down to men. They are not ignorant. They are not school boys. They’re grown men and we speak to them with respect.


  • When Jesus wanted to change the world, he selected, engaged, and empowered a huddle of men.
  • We enlarge ourselves when we engage with others.
  • Men are facing a very real enemy and fighting battles.

Be Strong & Be a Man!

1 Kings 2:2


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