The Capable Man: Welcome

The Capable Man: Welcome
March 20, 2017 Neil Kennedy

The Capable Man: Welcome

Welcome and Congratulations!

Your pastor has prayerfully selected you to be a leader of men. He believes that you are a capable man. He believes in your capacity to lead. We at FivestarMan do, too.

Be assured, your pastor isn’t giving you the responsibility to lead men without giving you the resources, content, and coaching that you will need.

So, let us be the first to welcome you to FivestarMan!

From the very outset, it is important for you to know that FivestarMan is not another men’s ministry. We’re more than a men’s curriculum to simply start and finish. We’re not schooling men and there won’t be a graduation day that we “knight” a man into manhood. We’re also not designing what a “man of God” is by committee.

Here are the cold hard facts:

  • Only about 10% of congregations offer ongoing ministry programs for men (compared to about 90% of churches that offer women’s and/or children’s ministries).
  • In churches that do offer men’s ministry, fewer than 20 percent of the men actively participate. The vast majority of the men in the congregation do not interact with the men’s ministry at all.
  • Men’s ministry programs tend to be event driven. Once the event is over they quickly lose momentum. Hence, most men’s ministry programs die out within 2 years of launch.
  • For more in-depth study on this, please read “Why You Should Rethink Your Men’s Ministry.

To avoid information overload and allow you time to digest the content and strategies, over the next few days we will deliver a sequence of sessions that will challenge conventional ideas that have been used in men’s ministries.

Please understand, we applaud all efforts to reach men; however, the statistics prove that most have not worked very well. Of course, we can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results.

FivestarMan is a movement to resurrect authentic manhood. A movement is “multiple voices speaking the same message to influence change.” We are a movement of men with the declared intention of changing culture. To do so, we speak to the five purposes within every man and give him understanding of those purposes.

When men gain understanding of God’s original intent and the five purposes within them, their life becomes a passionate pursuit of authenticity—manhood—purpose.

The message of FivestarMan is powerful and life changing. We’ve seen thousands of men respond to the message and commit to being an authentic man. Each man’s story is amazing. Men turning their hearts— reigniting their daily walk with God, renewing their commitment to their wives and restoring their relationships with their children.

You will see it first hand as you help lead men. Remember, we’re here to partner with you.

P.S. Be sure to check your email tomorrow as we’ll deliver Session 1 of the Capable Man Pursuit. It explains why even champions need a coach.

Be Strong & Be a Man!

1 Kings 2:2

Neil Kennedy


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