• Be Strong. Be a Man!

    Biblical manhood — authentic manhood — is counter-cultural. Why does this culture have such misandry, such contempt for men? First,…

  • The Enemy Has Been Defined. You’re Him.

    A few years ago, when we launched the movement to resurrect authentic manhood, I often found myself very frustrated in…

  • Culture & Courage

    While I was speaking to a gathering of men, I noticed the intensity in their eyes—a determination, a resolve that…

  • 3 Things to Activate in Your Life

    The battlefield is in your mind. Your thoughts are powerful. In fact, God can do nothing in you beyond your…

  • Multiply Your Resources

    How do you grow your business when you have nothing? Jesus demonstrated some key lessons by feeding the multitude.

  • Men Look On the Outward Appearance

    A gallant man is properly groomed and appropriately dressed for every occasion.

  • Learning Wisdom From Other's Experience

    A man, who doesn’t read, has no advantage over a man who can’t read. The latter man’s ignorance is because…

  • Don't Waste Another Night Just Sleeping

    Don’t waste another night just sleeping. Ask the Spirit to counsel you in the night.

  • Clean House

    Early in marriage I did something spontaneous that proved to be one of the best things that I could do…

  • A Dream Without a Goal is a Fantasy

    God gives man a dream so that he has a portrait to pursue.