Day 42 | Entrepreneurial Drive

Make Some Money!

Within you lies a deep reservoir of wealth.  It isn’t out there somewhere to discover, it is within you.  God created you in His shadowed image.  That means that you have a deposit of resources that await your discovery.

You do not have to be nomadic – going from job to job looking for your income.  You can dig deep and draw upon your God-given gifts to meet your needs, satisfy your wants, and fund your purpose.

Now… do something brilliant.  Discover.  Cultivate.  Sharpen your skill set.  Others will flock to pour money into your lap to purchase your gift.


Start a business!


  1. Brandon on December 7, 2020 at 7:32 am

    I would love to create a small business to pursue, but I love my job and already am jam packed w/ family & career tasks. I believe this one will take some time to cultivate.

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