Clean House

Clean House
January 8, 2015 Neil Kennedy

Clean House

Early in marriage I did something spontaneous that proved to be one of the best things that I could do to show my wife that I loved her — I helped her clean the house.

I’m not alone. The American Time Use Survey suggests that men do 35 percent of total household tasks. Housework has become a shared project for husbands and wives, albeit not equally. Thankfully, the housework workload has been reduced by 23 percent over the last few decades thanks to Whirlpool, Hoover, Swiffer, et cetera. But even better, when two people work together the cleaning time is cut by two-thirds, rather than just half.

Here are five benefits to cleaning the house:

1. It demonstrates my willingness to be a servant-leader.
How can my wife have confidence that I would lay down my life for her if I can’t pick up my clothes?

2. It reinforces the concept of team.
How can two people walk together unless they agree?

3. Cleaning house releases creativity.
There is something about cleaning and creating order in your home that releases creativity in your work. When God found chaos and confusion, He said, “Let there be light.” He exposed the chaos and put things in order.

4. Cleaning house shows gratitude and humility.
When your hand has blue gloves on and you’re gripping a toilet brush, it shows humility. That brush is the equivalent of a sword that cuts through pride. It’s a good thing.

5. Cleaning house makes you attractive.
Studies have shown that a man helping with household chores is the number one turn-on for a wife. Who knew? You become more attractive when you’re pushing a vacuum cleaner.

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Action Step:

Help your wife clean the house.

Neil Kennedy


  1. Amy 3 years ago

    How about “because I live here and part of this mess is mine.”

  2. really now 3 years ago

    My reasons you should help clean the house:

    #1-5. You live there

  3. JP 3 years ago

    How about “because you live there”.

  4. Jennifer Harris 6 months ago

    I agree with the other comments here:


    You’re supposed to clean up. She’s not your maid. You don’t have the right to use housework as a down payment for sex, either.

    • Neil Kennedy Author
      Neil Kennedy 6 months ago

      Interesting. I write an article to help motivate men to be true partners with their wives. I shared that my motivation to clean the house was a demonstration that I love her. But your response is to speak down to men and snippily attack it rather than acknowledging that we are encouraging men to serve in the household. My wife has never been treated like a maid by me or by our children. Nor do I have to make payments for intimacy. Thanks for reading.

      • Shadyjeff 2 weeks ago

        wow, f***boy much? how the hell did a person like you get married?

        • Neil Kennedy Author
          Neil Kennedy 2 weeks ago

          I normally don’t answer the fool, but in your case I will. Do you realize how stupid your comment is? No, you don’t because anyone who would write a personal attack like this is frankly, a simpleton. You need real help. Seriously, real help. I recommend that you start by repenting of your sins… and your stupidity.

  5. Jonathan 1 month ago

    what happened to wives being workers at home and mean’t to support their husband…

    a wife who expects her husband to clean everything and does nothing during the day is not really supporting her husband who works all day….

    this sounds like more feminist gender neutral teaching- trying to eliminate any difference between male and female than anything Godly

    It used to be normal for men to expect their wives to maintain the home, now men have to do it to prove their servant heart.

    I thought men showed servant leadership by working hard and providing for the wife and women gladly responded by helping him, not being lazy…

  6. Neil Kennedy Author
    Neil Kennedy 4 weeks ago

    The last thing that you could accuse me of is propagating a ‘feminist gender neutral’ teaching. Look. Many women work outside the home. Some women don’t. However, the notion that I am going to expect my wife to clean up the entire home without my efforts is a foreign concept to me.

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