Day 202: Justice Triumphs

Day 202: Justice Triumphs
July 21, 2014 Neil Kennedy


Proverbs 21:15

Good people celebrate when justice triumphs, but for the workers of evil it’s a bad day.


Authentic Manhood celebrates justice.

The word, justice, means “one who has a just cause.” As authentic men, each of us are born with a fight. I know that crosses the sensitivities of some people, but we are fighters.

If we do not have a worthy cause to fight for, we will find the wrong thing to fight against.

It is part of our philanthropic and gallant purposes. Philanthropic, because we have a genuine care and concern for fellow man. Gallant, because we act in a chivalrous manner to defend the weak.

Those who only fight for themselves will always find an enemy stronger than themselves. Those who fight for justice will triumph against evil.


You have a worthy cause to fight for.

Read Proverbs Chapter 21


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