Day 246: Spoiling For a Fight

Day 246: Spoiling For a Fight
September 3, 2014 Neil Kennedy


Proverbs 3:30

Don’t walk around with a chip on your shoulder, always spoiling for a fight.


A strong man doesn’t strut his strength looking for a fight.

Long Island Telegraph reported on 20 May 1830 “when two churlish boys were determined to fight, a chip would be placed on the shoulder of one, and the other demanded to knock it off at his peril.”
It’s similar to drawing a line in the sand and daring your opponent to step over the line. In reality, when circumstances are volatile and a fight is about to break out the best thing to do is either walk away or get to it – the posturing doesn’t show strength – it’s just annoying.

Growing up in Oklahoma, I had a few fights even though I tried to never start one – I was determined to either put up or shut up.

There’s a perception in Christianity that we must take abuse, no matter what the circumstances. My theology allows me to defend my family and myself. I have no hesitation to do so, but I will not put a chip on my shoulder waiting for the next tough guy to knock it off. I do all that I can to avoid those circumstances.


Don’t be spoiling for a fight.

Read Proverbs Chapter 3


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