Day 258: Junk Food Mind

Day 258: Junk Food Mind
September 15, 2014 Neil Kennedy


Proverbs 15:14

A wise person is hungry for knowledge, while the fool feeds on trash.


Gain understanding of your purposes and you will control your appetites.

The Hebrew word for heart – (lāv) means, seat of appetites or seat of purposes. The laborer’s appetite drives him – it drives him to work. Take away a man’s appetite, and you rob him of a purpose.

Each week when I speak to men, one of my goals is to stir up a hunger pain for a purpose – the challenge is the apathy that comes with what I should call a junk food mind. Some men have been feeding on garbage – their minds are cluttered with rotting thoughts.

It’s interesting what happens when men hear the five purposes (an adventurous spirit – an entrepreneurial drive – gallant relationships – faithful in character – and a philanthropic cause) that reside deep within them – they lean forward as if they’re getting in a ready stance. They’re motivated!

Stop feeding on the junk that doesn’t matter in your world – stop stuffing your face with the minutia of mindless waste.


Get hungry for knowledge.

Read Proverbs Chapter 15


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