Day 313: First Works

Day 313: First Works
November 9, 2014 Neil Kennedy

Proverbs 9:10

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom


Wisdom is the principle thing — start with wisdom.

We need to learn from how God does things. His ways are higher than our ways. His thoughts are much more precise and defined than our thoughts. So, if we will not lean on our own understanding, and trust that God’s ways are better than ours, we can expect the same results that God receives. Think about God’s process.

God begins with wisdom. He established wisdom before anything else. This sounds elementary but is rarely used in man’s processes. Men often think about a whole laundry list of things before they begin with wisdom.

I’ve spoken with a lot of aggressive entrepreneurs who had great ideas for businesses; however, when it came to implementing their ideas, they struggled to break the goal into doable steps.

God directs our steps. He also promises that if we lack wisdom, if we will ask Him, He will give us wisdom with generosity.

So, rather than suffer the agony of defeat, why not rely upon the processes that God has established?


Start with wisdom.

Read Proverbs Chapter 9

Neil Kennedy


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