Day 331: Insatiable Hell

Day 331: Insatiable Hell
November 27, 2014 Neil Kennedy

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Proverbs 27:20

Hell has a voracious appetite, and lust just never quits.


Death and Destruction are never satisfied, and neither are human eyes.

I have a confession—I’ve struggled with being a news-junkie. I wanted to know what is going on around the world. So, I listened to news talk radio, watched cable news channels, and flipped channels to other news broadcasts to see what I was missing.

Lately, I’ve pulled away from it all. I am glad that I have. The constant violence and threats of disasters are endless. It just doesn’t get better.

Hell has a voracious appetite. It is insatiable. Hell wants all of the captives that it can have and will never say, “Enough!”

However, I’ve had enough. I’ve decided to spend my drive times in prayer and praise. I leave the noise off while I am studying and focused on writing projects. Amazingly, the world still goes on without me knowing all of its troubles.

My new practice keeps me from developing a harshness, bitterness, and cynical attitude toward our world and our future. Yes, we’re still living in troubling times; however, I’m focused on the vision that God has given me for the FivestarMan movement.


I want to encourage you to monitor how much focus that you're giving Hell. Click To Tweet

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Neil Kennedy


  1. Avatar
    Tim Thomas 1 year ago

    I love the daily champion!
    It is my favorite devotional.
    For some reason, the audio/video won’t play. This just started happening within the past 2 weeks. I generally just read it, but I recently had eye surgery and would benefit greatly from the video. The proverbs reading still plays, but not the devotional. Any suggestions? Thanks for all you do, the daily champion and five star man are very encouraging.

  2. Avatar
    Robert Wareham 8 months ago

    Truth…We must temper what we ingest in our mind. With all the political intrigue our nation is going through; I found myself too engaged. I had to step back as well. I became more creative in several areas of my business as a result.
    Love your morning devotional Neil. The video won’t play for about a week now.
    Continued success and Blessings. Rob Wareham

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