Day 36: The Sweet Sauce of Sin

Day 36: The Sweet Sauce of Sin
February 5, 2014 Neil Kennedy

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Proverbs 5:3

For the lips of a loose woman drip honey as a honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil.


Not everything that tastes sweet is good.

As I write this the headline news is, “Too Much Sugar Can Kill You.” A new study warns that America’s love affair with sugary food and drinks doubles the risk of a heart-related premature death. The take away for us is – not everything that tastes sweet is good for you. Our Advisor warns us of the honey of the harlot.

As you develop the habit of reading Proverbs, you will find the repeated warning of the Adulteress. Our Advisor warns us so much that if we’re not careful we will think that he is obsessive and nagging; however, he warns us because she is a true nemesis of authentic manhood.

Her lips drip honey. Her opened mouth and seductive eyes have a sweetness about it – an innocent invitation – the look of love and the sweet sauce of sin. It is appealing to the appetite of men.

Listen to Peter’s descriptive tone, “They have eyes full of harlotry, insatiable for sin. They beguile and bait and lure away unstable souls. Their hearts are trained in lust – children of a curse.” (2 Peter 2:14 Amplified)

Now listen to me, you need to know your enemy – the nemesis of authentic manhood is the honey of a harlot. If you eat this sugar – it will kill you – you will suffer a heart-related premature death.


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