Day 38: Twilight Years

Day 38: Twilight Years
February 7, 2014 Neil Kennedy

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Proverbs 7:4

In the twilight, in the evening; night black and dense was falling over the young man’s life.


Don’t allow a dark period envelop you.

Peering through the window, a seasoned man can observe things that a young man needs to hear. You can almost hear the sigh of anxiety in our Advisor’s voice as he tells the story of observing a young man strolling toward sin. He wants to open the lattice shutter and with a loud and alarming voice yell, “Don’t go there! You’re too valuable… your future is bright… you have too much potential. Don’t waste it.”

There appears to be a season between the teenage years and maturity – innocence exploring naive abandonment – it’s such a volatile time. A young man’s simple-mindedness can have devastating and destructive consequences.

Seasoned men should go out of our way to speak wisdom to young men. Young men should knock on the door of a seasoned man for advice. You can gain wisdom through a mentor or through pain. I recommend a mentor.

I didn’t have the luxury of a seasoned advisor when I was a young man. I made so many mistakes and have a lifetime of regrets for those transitional years. I could have done things so much better and saved myself a lot of personal pain and the hurt that I caused others.

That may be one of my motivations for what I do – writing The Daily Champion may be my way of peering through the window, shouting to young men passing by on their way to the black of night and the dense fog of naivety, “Listen, don’t go there! God has a better plan!”


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