Day 40: Shin Kickers

Day 40: Shin Kickers
February 9, 2014 Neil Kennedy

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Proverbs 9:7

Anyone who rebukes a mocker will get an insult in return. Anyone who corrects the wicked will get hurt.


Don’t waste your breath correcting arrogant mockers and shin kickers.

When you were a kid, did you get in an argument with someone and rather than debate the issue the other kid tried to kick you in the shins? That’s the strategy of those who have no argument.

There are some people who are dull to hear and too stubborn to listen to reasonable arguments. Our Advisor suggests that we should simply avoid arguing with a cynic, an arrogant man, or a mocker. The word describes someone who stammers and repeats your words when he is in the argument. They parrot-talk – repeating your words in a strange voice.

In the argument, the mocker doesn’t focus on the issue but returns personal attacks against you. You see this kind of unreasonable behavior when politicians want to avoid talking about the issues and make slanderous, personal attacks against their opponent hoping to divert the attention away from the issue. Of course, the politician arrogantly assumes that everyone will mindlessly forget the real argument – and often it works.

The second warning from our Advisor is trying to correct the wickedness in our culture – the wicked will not only turn from the issue and mock you – they will become physically violent with you.

We’re seeing more and more wicked protestors becoming physically violent when we argue the moral standard for society. It’s more than a kick in the shins – it’s the spirit of Cain who murdered his brother out of jealousy. (Genesis 4)

In other words, there are some people you can’t reason with and others you want to avoid all together.


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