A Dream Without a Goal is a Fantasy

A Dream Without a Goal is a Fantasy
January 7, 2015 Neil Kennedy

A Dream Without a Goal is a Fantasy

God gives man a dream so that he has a portrait to pursue.

I recently had a pretty deep conversation with my 25-year old son. He shared with me how many of his friends have already given up on their dreams. I could hear the anguish in his voice. He said, “I can’t imagine how disappointing that must be. Already at this age to have your dream die.”

The daily grind can wear you out — it can kill your passion. It can bring incredible disappointment and even depression. It can cause men to sabotage their lives. The boredom of routine can drive the strongest to their knees.

So, how do we keep the passion for pursuing the dream?

1. Write a clear description of what you see as your future.
Take the time to process it. This is more difficult than it first seems because this is the make or break moment of the dream.

2. Forecast the time-line to accomplish the dream.
Be realistic. Set dates for benchmarks. Celebrate the wins.

3. Realize that nothing of real value will come into your life without facing violent opposition.
If the opposition of your dream stops you, you don’t deserve it.

4. Look for inspiration.
Who has accomplished what you’re pursuing? Learn from them. Read their stories. Investigate their challenges. Let their experience give you short-cuts.

5. Champions do daily what the average man does occasionally.
Make the pursuit of your dream a priority over mere entertainment.

6. Operate now what you will be forced to operate when.
What will you be forced to do when your dream comes true?

7. Finish strong.
I’ve known men who were very close to finishing but stopped short. Remember, you can’t have an excellent life with 80 percent effort.

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Action Step:

Set aside 2 hours to work your plan and set your goals.

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  1. Ken Sadler 6 years ago

    Great post! A number of us men fall prey to this. Thanks for sharing ways to combat it.

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