Finding Noah

Finding Noah
October 6, 2015 Neil Kennedy

by Neil Kennedy

The most famous three words in mountaineering, “Because it’s there” is not only the great retort of Mallory, it is the answer to the question of the movie, “Finding Noah.” What drives men to condition themselves—physically, financially, emotionally, and yes, spiritually to ascend Mount Ararat? Not only will these men face the challenges of the mountain, but also the hostilities of warring factions in the region, putting themselves at incredible risks.

Because it’s there.

Men are inherently driven for discovery. Within us is the echo of our past and the summons of our future.

The repeating legend of the great deluge and the family who navigated the judgmental waters has echoed to generations of men who wanted to find and retrieve the evidence of Noah’s ship. The great flood story is unquestioned — it has happened. The salvation of a favored family is part of every narrative. Discovering the physical evidence of a great ship on Mount Ararat causes serious questions to arise.

For those who believe God, faith is a substantial evidence; however, for those who don’t believe God, their mind can only accept what their eyes see. Therefore, having the physical evidence of Noah’s ark would force their conclusions to be reconsidered. The men on the mission of Finding Noah know this and are willing to force the issue…if they can find it.

The exploration of Finding Noah speaks to the adventurous spirit within the heart of the men who climbed Ararat, not only to discover the evidence of the Biblical truth, but to draw upon the deep waters of their own purpose. I strongly endorse the movie, but more importantly encourage the adventure behind it.

The adventurous spirit that resides deep within you will not be released while you’re seduced by the sofa — it requires a field of contest. You’ll never know the full extent of your abilities while chasing fantasies. You must get up and get moving. You must condition yourself. You must activate the energy of your potential.

Imagine the labor involved in the making of this movie. As I watched Finding Noah, I saw the weathered patterns in their faces, the kind of seasoning that only comes from exploratory experiences. You can’t have this look without disobeying momma’s mantra, “Don’t get dirty.” No, this look only comes from surviving the challenge.

As you look closer, you will see deep within the eyes of the men. Their unwavering focus on the mission also comes with a peripheral vision — the field of vision that believes the Bible and is willing to discover the evidence of it. Knowing that if they bring that evidence down from the mountain they will change mankind.

I want to encourage you to take your son to see Finding Noah. As you see the adventure on the screen, why not plan one for yourself and your son? Mount Ararat may not be calling you to scale it’s heights, but I can assure you that there is an adventure for you. When you get up and get going, you will tap into part of your purpose that resides in the untapped potential of your manhood.

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Neil Kennedy


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