Getting Prayers Answered

Getting Prayers Answered
January 25, 2010 Neil Kennedy

Getting your prayers answered may seem to be a mysterious and random task, but did you know that God warns the relationship that man has with his wife has a direct effect upon the ability to see answered prayers?

You may flood the Lord’s altar with tears. You may scream out to Him because He no longer pays attention to you.  But the answer may be found in your daily treatment of the closest person to you — your wife. That’s right, the way that you relate to your wife dictates God’s response to you.

“You ask, “Why?” It is because the Lord is acting as the witness between you and the wife of your youth, because you have broken faith with her, though she is your partner, the wife of your marriage covenant.” Mal 2:14

Our society doesn’t understand what marriage is about. They’re debating the institution of marriage and tearing down its core principles. Marriage is a spiritual union not a civil contract. God established marriage, not man. Marriage is based upon the Principle of Covenant Union.

Paul even described marriage as the Mystery — the relationship of Jesus Christ and the Church. Why does God guard the covenant marriage so carefully? Because the “fruit” of marriage is children. The fruit of Christ and the Church is Godly children. This mystery, as it is described is what the male/female relationship is based upon.

Sir, the words you speak to your wife builds, strengthens, encourages, and cultivates her as a person. Her health and reflective beauty as a woman is a mirror of your husbandry skill.

In fact, this is such a serious concern that a proverb of Agar said, “The earth trembles when the married woman is unloved or when an young adulteress replaces a faithful wife.” (Proverbs 30:23)

The most volatile regions of the world for earthquakes are where wives are treated with oppressive disdain. The Bible warns that the earth is experiencing “birth pains” awaiting the redemptive work of man (Romans 8.) Make no mistake about it, the earth does have a response to men’s decisions.

So, if you treat your wife bad, don’t expect God to trust the words of your prayers. How can He?  Before you scream out to God thinking He has abandoned you, turn back to love your wife. Before you speak down to her, abuse her with your harsh words, think about how your prayers are going to be thrown right back at you.


  1. Jay 13 years ago

    Interesting stat regarding Haiti–

    The association Solidarité des Femmes Haïtiennes (SOFA) estimates that eight in ten Haitian women have been victims of domestic abuse; in half of these cases, the husband or partner is the perpetrator. Nearly one-third of Haitian women believe that wife-beating is justified under certain circumstances. The Penal Code excuses husbands who murder their wives if the woman has committed adultery; wives who murder their husbands under similar conditions do not receive the same leniency.

  2. Neil 13 years ago

    The earth has a direct reaction to men’s decisions. Adam disobeyed God’s Word resulting in the “ground producing thorns and thistles,” when men’s heart was filled with wickedness the earth was flooded, when Israel failed to give the ground rest they were banished to Babylon, and Proverbs tells us that men’s relationship with their wives causes the earth to tremble. Men are the gate of authority upon the earth.

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