Holy Frustration

Holy Frustration
July 15, 2010 Neil Kennedy

The Gulf Coast has been devastated by the BP oil-well disaster. Any attempt to estimate the amount of damage this spewing well has caused will only fall short.

I live on the Gulf Coast; I witness the personal impact that this is having on local families. A real estate agent told me that houses on Mobile Bay are being appraised 15 percent less than they were 90 days ago. Those who make a living harvesting the bountiful seafood from the Gulf are scratching their heads, trying to figure out what they are going to do to make a living. This is all they’ve ever known.

All the while, we want to scream, “This is not right! This is not how it is supposed to be.”

Rather than get angry and lose my temper over something completely out of my control, I’ve gone to the beach, and overlooking the ocean, prayed for God’s intervention on this matter.

You may have another disaster spewing up into your life. You may have a relationship problem, a health issue, a financial crisis that you are dealing with. Things completely out of your control may be frustrating you. What can you do? How do your respond?

The Apostle Paul explains in the Roman letter that the Earth is groaning in birth pains, eagerly awaiting its redemption that will come when the Sons of God are revealed. In the same manner, we, who are Believers, also groan in expectation for what is coming, the hope of the redemptive plan to be fully realized. Obviously, that hope is not yet manifested.

This frustration that yearns from our spirit is desperately screaming, “This is not right! This is not how it is supposed to be.”

Paul goes onto say, “The Spirit helps us in our weakness, when we don’t know what we are to pray, He searches our hearts, and prays according to the will of God for us.”

If you are facing a frustration of not knowing what to do or how to pray this is an amazing truth. The Spirit of God actually prays through you, knowing exactly what you should be praying according to the will of God. When we allow this process of prayer to occur, “all things work together for our good.”

So, don’t just sit there and scream at the TV or let loose your anger on the bills in front of you. Do something about it. Allow the Holy Spirit to pray through you according to God’s love and purpose for your life.


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