Know Your Source Discover Your Potential

Know Your Source Discover Your Potential
March 20, 2013 Neil Kennedy

Know Your Source

God has built into man the potential to produce all that He has purposed.

Many men wander blindly through life rather than stepping boldly into their destiny. It’s not that they don’t desire to live up to their potential—they simply don’t know how to discover their potential. The key is found in knowing the Source.

I believe every man has a deposit from the Divine which guarantees him the ability to meet the needs of his life, grant the desires of his family, and to finance his purpose.

God is just and will not demand anything from you that He hasn’t given you the ability to produce.

Jesus taught this lesson in the Parable of the Talents. He tells the story of a man who goes on a journey. Before he departs he entrusts his financial investments into the capable hands of men with proven ability. It is very important to recognize that each man received a sum equal to their experienced success. To the investor, results matter.

Two of the men immediately went to work seeking a good return and doubled the original investment. The third man, fearful of the demands of the investor, simply dug a hole to hide the money.

The response of the investor tells us a lot about the nature and character of God, whom this parable is describing. It also tells us how we should respond to the expectations of God. The two men who showed responsibility to their ability doubled their ability. The one who was lazy lost the ability he once had.

God has invested in you and we will give an account for what He has given us. He also shows anger at the laziness and fearfulness of the third man. God expects results.

As men, we should consistently seek the productivity of our potential. To do so, we must work responsibly and trust that our ability will prove fruitful for God is the One who gave it to us. He is the Source.

Secondly, we will never fulfill God’s expectations if we fear Him. If we think He is unjust in His accounting toward us, we will hide our potential.

You have ability within you. God placed it there. Live up to it and be faithful and see your ability double.


  1. Nathan Southers 10 years ago

    Great article! Keep em coming!! My life has been totally transformed since 2010 when I first met you and had the chance to learn from this amazing ministry

    • Neil 10 years ago

      Thanks Nathan – appreciate your support.

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