Learning Wisdom From Other's Experience

Learning Wisdom From Other's Experience
January 14, 2015 Neil Kennedy

Learning Wisdom From Other’s Experience

It is one of the most frustrating statements that I often hear. It’s when a man comes up to me and says, “I don’t read.”

Notice, he didn’t say, “I can’t read.” He confessed that he willingly chooses to not read. The fact is, a man who doesn’t read has no advantage over a man who cannot read. The latter man’s ignorance is because he lacks a skill set — literacy. The former man’s ignorance is self-imposed.

Frankly, it’s nothing to brag about.

The average American starts one book a year and doesn’t finish it. The average millionaire reads one non-fiction book a month. I suggest that you decide your income and start a reading list.

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Fact of the matter, reading is a discipline. It is an exercise of your mind. It stretches you. It can be tiresome — at times exhausting; however, it is also the greatest privilege in the world. By reading, you can take the best that someone has to offer and gather that knowledge unto yourself for a very small investment.

6 Books I Strongly Recommend:

More Than A Hobby by David Green
This is one of the most practical and inspiring books on a man’s quest to build a business on Biblical principles. If you’re starting a business, the lessons learned here are amazing and will come into play for you.

The Legacy Journey by Dave Ramsey
I strongly recommend Dave’s teaching on finances. I’ve seen first hand the results of his teaching take men from poverty to great prosperity in a matter of months.

The Seven Decisions by Andy Andrews
Andy is a remarkable communicator. I recommend all of his books, but especially this one.

Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer by Myles Munroe
This book has had a profound impact on my prayer life.

The Book of Man by William Bennett
This book is an exceptional compilation of material for men.

Decision Points by George W. Bush
He remains underestimated; yet, Mr. Bush is a very smart man. Don’t allow personal politics to interfere with you gaining wisdom from this book.

Action Step:

Buy a book and read it by the end of next month. When you have finished, let me know what book that you’ve read and what you recommend.


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