January 31, 2013 Editor


God placed eternity within the heart of man—a deep desire to leave a legacy.

I’ve sat down with seasoned men as they reflected upon their life. They didn’t talk about their exploits, nor did they give me the resumé of their successes. No, they talked about family, faith, and the deep desire to be remembered.

The only way to be remembered is to do something for the living—for only the living have memory.

The greatest compliment a man can receive is to hear his children tell their children, “We will serve the God of my father.”

Solomon said that God placed eternity within you! That desire is unlike all other creation. Within man is the desire for significance and purpose. You will find that your motivation in life changes as you mature into authentic manhood. The immature ambitions of cars, clothes, and cottages will be replaced with the desire to fulfill your cause.

“Is there no cause?”  -King David

What on earth are you here for? You’re here for more than the stuff sold in commercials. You’re here for more than the comforts of the couch. You’re here for more than the false image of the latest luxury items. You’re here for an assignment, a destiny, even a legacy.

Don’t allow distractions to rob your destiny. Don’t waste your efforts on the temporary. Don’t allow your appetite to seduce you into sin. Legacy requires consistent effort. It requires saying no to the temporary for the delayed gratification of the eternal.

Live in such a way that when you are older and seasoned your reflection of life is one of reward, not regret.

“We’re all going to die. Make sure that you’ve invested your life wisely.”
-Leroy Landhuis


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