Man Is The Economy

Man Is The Economy
March 8, 2011 Neil Kennedy

You can’t have economic increase without the increase of man himself.  No country in history ever increased their economy while simultaneously decreasing in population.

The argument against man begins with population control, which is in direct opposition to God’s original intent.

The second argument is closely related, suggesting that man is the cause of “global warming,” or now, since pseudo-science fraudulently “cooked the books” (pun intended), the proposed argument is “global disruption.”

The claim that man is destroying the Earth is another attempt to control the increase of man economically.  The claims that we are using up the resources of Earth are simply out of step with the evidence.

God’s original intent for man was to dominate the Earth, which means we are to steward and care for the Earth.  I believe that we must properly manage our cultivation of the Earth.  We should develop and manage our resources with wisdom and responsibility; however, we must continue to draw upon those resources for our use and for the expansion of mankind.  The resources of Earth are placed on deposit for our use and increase.

God is wise enough to create the world in which we live with more than enough to sustain, and even prosper, mankind throughout our existence.

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