Men Look On the Outward Appearance

Men Look On the Outward Appearance
January 17, 2015 Neil Kennedy

Men Look On the Outward Appearance

Let me challenge you to think about something. If you were invited to have a meeting with a person of great influence, someone with whom you have tremendous respect, how would you dress? What would be your personal preparation for the meeting? Would you consider new clothes or even a suit? Would you go to the trouble of visiting a barber shop? Shave shop? Shoe store?

I believe that the way that we dress is not only a matter of personal dignity, it is also a matter of honor to the person with whom we will be meeting.

Joseph was summoned out of his prison cell to meet with the Pharaoh of Egypt. Before Joseph rushed into the meeting, he took the time to prepare for it.

“Pharaoh sent and called for Joseph, and they hurriedly brought him out of the dungeon, and when he had shaved himself and changed his clothes, he came to Pharaoh.” (Genesis 41:14)

Men often argue, “Well, God looks on the heart. We ought to do the same.”

God does look on the heart. However, men look on the outward appearance. Men consider you by what you wear and how well you’re groomed.

“It shouldn’t be that way!” some would argue. That may be true, but it’s reality.

My personal goal is to dress appropriately for the occasion; which means, I might do some homework before I attend an event. I do not want to overdress and embarrass my host, nor do I want to underdress and embarrass myself.

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Action Step:

Clean your closet. Reconsider what you’re wearing. Is it appropriate for the time? Are you wearing something that is age appropriate? Are you wearing something that is faddish? Have you updated your haircut within the last ten years?


This topic has caused more anger than almost any other that I have written. If you’re satisfied with what you’re wearing and it represents you and your lifestyle — more power to you. The Duck Dynasty guys are caricatures and camouflage is their brand. Don’t think that you’re going to navigate life copycatting their style. Define your own.


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