Original Intent—Why God Created Man

Original Intent—Why God Created Man
March 4, 2011 Neil Kennedy

The identity of authentic manhood runs deep within us.  “The purposes of a man are deep rivers, the man who understands this draws upon them” (Proverbs 20:5, author’s paraphrase).

Within every man are purposes and passions that are uniquely male, yet we are being told that there is nothing inherently special or purposeful about manhood.  Women, liberated from dominated positions, have increasingly taken a lead role in society.  By September 2010, there were more women employed than there were men.  Touting this fact, the cover of the Atlantic Journal headlined this bold title, “THE END OF MEN.”

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame women for stepping up to exercise their liberty from oppressive or ignorant men who have abused them, or from lazy men who have not provided for them; however, radical feminism has violently attacked any semblance of a men’s uniqueness, rather than embracing their own special feminine identity.

Some men have surrendered their roles and special assignments, even taking on the mannerisms and roles of a female.

We are doomed to repeat the failed patterns of life if we do not discover the truths of authentic manhood.  Insecurities will overwhelm us if we do not gain the confidence that comes from purpose.  To become an authentic man means that we need to find the original intent of manhood.

First of all, we must have the foundational belief that we were created with the Intelligent Design of purpose.  Without a Creator, we are meaningless; our existence is flatulence in the wind.

If man is designed and purposed by a Creator, then the Creator defines him.  We must start at the beginning to discover His original intent for man.  Anything less is the ultimate arrogance.

How can the creation mockingly respond to the Creator, “Why did you make me this way?”

“Let us make man….”

After the formation of Earth and the gathering of waters, dry land appeared.  Before God released the agrarian system of provision, He designed the purpose of the Earth.  The Psalmist said, “The Earth was made for man.”

God used clay to mold, fashion, and frame the shadow of His image into a piece of living art.  Then He breathed into man’s nostrils the element of life.  Man became a living being.

The very first statement that God spoke over man gives us insight into His original intent, “Be fruitful and increase.”

Within your genetic code is the drive to succeed and increase.  Within you is the purpose of reproduction.  Within you is the increasing desire to grow your numbers.  As Solomon said, “No man is ever satisfied with his income.” It is diametrically opposed to the original intent of man not to want increase, numerically or economically.

It’s not greed to desire increase; it’s God’s original intent.  Greed is born out of covetousness, which is the desire to have another man’s possessions at his expense.  Greed is born out of a narcissistic attitude that fails to understand God’s provision.

The flaw in covetous thinking is the basic economic theory that my gain comes at the expense of another person.  Modern economics is built upon the idea that the pie is only so big for a few elites to eat of it.  Society does not trust the God of Creation to be wise enough to deposit within the Earth enough resources to sustain and prosper all people.

Solomon said, “As goods increase, so do consumers” (Ecclesiastes 5:11, author’s paraphrase).

God repeatedly declares over man His intent to populate the earth.  Yet, if you listen to the arguments of the fringe, they espouse controlling the increase of man, claiming that we are overpopulating the Earth.  Their idea is that man is inherently bad for the Earth.  Abortion becomes a sadistic means of controlling populations, just as euthanasia will soon be an acceptable means to serve their purpose.  Abortion is called, “choice.”  Euthanasia will be called, “mercy.”

It is always interesting to see the hypocrisy of the living argue against more people “living.”  They love only themselves.  If they really believed that mankind was bad for the Earth, they could easily eliminate at least part of the problem.  Their argument is silly.  Claiming to be wise, they are fools.

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