Pastor & Key Leader: Session 5

Pastor & Key Leader: Session 5
February 19, 2017 Neil Kennedy


Stepping Up to Leadership

When Jesus wanted to launch his ministry and secure the Message, He carefully selected and engaged a few common men— primarily hard-working entrepreneurs. Although outwardly ordinary, these men were also gifted. Their time with Jesus empowered them to become used in extraordinary capacities (see Acts 4:13).

One of the obstacles early in my ministry was my ordinariness— I was not naturally gifted in ministry—meaning, my gift-set did not lend to being useful, much less to be successful in ministry. However, my obvious weakness exposed a strength.

I discovered that I have an ability to discern the gifts within others.

Let me be very transparent with you. At times, as leaders we are reticent to hand off the work of ministry for a variety of reasons that may have a measure of justification. I’ve recruited, trained, and released men to do the work only to face disappointment and the regret of failed work or dishonest gain.

My discernment of a person’s gift often overshadowed the flaws within their character. After repeatedly experiencing the disappointment of failed leaders, I considered withdrawing from trusting anyone with the work of ministry. However, here’s what I’ve learned as a pastor:

My enemy doesn’t have to deceive me, he just has to distract me.

One of our enemies most successful schemes is keeping us busy at the expense of doing what is effective.

Activity doesn’t always mean productivity.

Jesus spent approximately three years in his earthly ministry, trained men to do the work, then left them with it. He placed a huge amount of trust in those men to do the work of ministry. Just as Jesus recruited and released men, we should also discern those who are gifted, prove their character, and empower them to lead.

FivestarMan 300 provides the content and structure (FivestarMan Matrix), while you and your men provide the relationships. In alignment with the protocol of authority, we work through your leadership, not around it. As the Centurion Principle instructs, “Authority flows through leadership, not around leadership.”

We are placed under leadership so that we can manage what we are placed over. This is truly servant leadership.

Next time, I want to share with you a fundamental philosophical difference in FivestarMan and many men’s ministry strategies.


  • Jesus recruited ordinary men, whom he empowered to do extraordinary work.
  • Activity doesn’t always mean productivity.
  • Authority flows through leadership, not around leadership.
  • As leaders, we are placed under authority, so we can manage what we are placed over.

Be Strong & Be a Man!

1 Kings 2:2

Neil Kennedy


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