Pastor & Key Leader: Session 8

Pastor & Key Leader: Session 8
February 19, 2017 Neil Kennedy


The Language of Men

There was a time when men understood each other.

At one time all the people of the world spoke the same language and used the same words. – Genesis 11:1

The results were amazing. They said,

  • “Come…” They effectively called men to action.
  • Let us build a great city…” They planned to build community.
  • “With a tower that reaches into the sky.” Men wanted to reach new heights and defy gravity.
  • “Let us make a name for ourselves…” They wanted to establish the center of their influence.
  • Their plan was to “settle” in one place and not be scattered.

Even the Lord recognized the unlimited potential of a common language saying, ““Look!” he said. “The men are united, and they all speak the same language. After this, nothing they set out to do will be impossible for them!” (verse 7).

However, the men’s plans did not agree with God’s purposes.

When men make plans that do not align with God’s purposes, they enter into confusion.

God declared his purpose for man was to scatter upon the entire earth (Genesis 1:28). He reiterated the purpose for man when He spoke to Noah’s sons, “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth.” (Genesis 9:1)

When God confused their language, they no longer clustered. Separated by misunderstandings they scattered over the earth. The division of mankind is the result of not understanding one another.

Unfortunately, one of the greatest issues that we face in the Church is the failure to speak our message in a language that is effective. We can’t blame people for not receiving our message if we fail to communicate in their language.

At FivestarMan, we’re very careful to use the language of men to effectively deliver our message. The Apostle Paul stressed the importance of this effort saying, “Pray that I will proclaim this message as clearly as I should.” (Colossians 4:4) We need to make certain that our conversation is attractive and seasoned with salt. Our message should be tasteful and something worth swallowing.

Leaders of the Roman Church recognized their inability to communicate effectively in Latin, that at the Third Council of Tours (813AD) priests were instructed to speak and preach in “common speech.” We need to heed their advice, drop the “Christianese” and speak in the language of men.

The FivestarMan Language: A Glossary

Conforming to the original intent so as to reproduce essential features; not false or imitation; true to one’s own personality, character, or spirit.

The condition of being an adult masculine male as opposed to a woman or child.

Multiple voices speaking the same language and message to influence change in culture; a series of organized activities working toward an objective.

The five passions of authentic manhood defined in the Hebrew word, iysh, describing the masculine male, found in Proverbs 20:5. Adventurous, entrepreneurial, gallant, faithful, and philanthropic.

Within every man is a spirit of adventure. Men relate on the field of contest, standing shoulder-to-shoulder facing a challenge. As iron sharpens iron, men become better by the clash of competition. To express the adventurous spirit, men regularly have Excursions (hunt, fish, golf, sports, ride motorcycles, et cetera).

Men are designed for increase, to produce and be procreative. The first words that God spoke over Man was to be “fruitful and increase.” (Genesis 1:28) This is expressed in a man’s work, or his Enterprise. The desire to meet his needs, grant the desires of his family, and to finance his purpose is an insatiable appetite.

As Solomon said, “No man is ever satisfied with his income.” However, as we speak to the Entrepreneurial drive in the context of a FivestarMan, a man is driven, not for success, but for significance.

Although it seems to be an archaic word, it is attractive for men to use and is extremely accurate in describing the proper relationship that we have toward women; treating an older woman as our own mother—a young girl as our own daughter—a peer as we would a sister. The only woman who receives the intimacy of our eyes and the passion of our loins is our wife.

At the core of man is the desire to be found faithful, to be authentic. A FivestarMan is true to God’s original intent. He has integrity. He is spiritual and walks with God in the daily commute. FivestarMan 300 delivers a daily Encouragement to each man called, The Daily Champion.

Solomon said that God placed eternity within the heart of man. Therefore, an authentic man desires to leave a legacy with a philanthropic cause. As the entrepreneurial hand gathered, the philanthropic hand scatters. Seeking to ensure the future of his children’s children, a FivestarMan lives on purpose rather than by emotions, nor to satisfy his unhealthy cravings. It’s no longer about clothes, cars, and cottages, it is about a cause to do great Exploits.

Organized opportunities for a FivestarMan to exercise his philanthropic purpose.

In Exodus 34, God instructed the men to corporately gather three times a year for an encounter. He promised to protect their family and prosper their farms. FivestarMan 300 includes three themed encounters a year, so that men can pull away from regular activities and the daily grind in order to see God work on their behalf.

Between the Encounters, the 5 Capable Men will engage with the 10 men they meet in a huddle (50 men). FivestarMan 300 includes Engage video curriculum and corresponding field notes for them to use. We provide the content. The 5 Capable Men provide the relationships.

The local church strategy is a 3-generational matrix that empowers the 5 Capable Men that serve under the protocol of the Lead Pastor (and/or his appointed Lead). The first line is the Capable Men, the second line is 50 FivestarMen, the third line is a strategic harvest of men with whom the 50 FivestarMen have relationship and influence.

FivestarMan 300 is also the national vision to introduce FivestarMan to 300 cities, raise up 300 Capable Men in those cities that will influence 3 Generations.

Leaders of men, selected by the Lead Pastor who works under his authority to do the work of FivestarMan 300.

FivestarMan 300 Leadership Training is a training sequence that is delivered to the tablets (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.) of capable men, coaching each step of the plan in the pursuit of FivestarMan and the five purposes of authentic manhood.

As you can see, we are intentional with language. Language is important. If we’re going to be clear with our message to men, we must use language that has a precision, yet is common among men, both inside and outside the church. The previous terms have been tested with thousands of men and are received with excitement. They get it!

You will see men literally lean forward into the message as if preparing to run a race. We’re literally drawing out the purposes of a man.

Ok, let me wrap this up so that we can get ready to select 5 Capable Men. This is the most important, and quite frankly, most difficult task for pastors.


  • There was a time when all men understood each other.
  • Nothing is impossible for those who speak the same language.
  • When men make plans that do not align with God’s purposes, they enter into confusion.
  • Language must be plain, clear, and common.

Be Strong & Be a Man!

1 Kings 2:2

Neil Kennedy
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