Centurion Principle Video Curriculum

Centurion Principle Video Curriculum


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Engage Video Curriculum

Centurion Principle-The Protocol of Authority

Most people confuse power with authority. A person who has a firearm can have the power to shoot it, but he doesn’t necessarily have the authority to do so. True authority is having the legitimate right to use power. Moses was described in the Bible as “the meekest man on the earth,” yet his leadership provides us with a clear example of more authority than any other man in the Old Testament. True meekness is not weakness; it is actually strength submitted to authority.

We need authority. We need the protection authority provides. We need to have established authorities in our lives so that we may prosper and experience godly promotion. Without authority we have anarchy, turmoil, and disorder. The godly use of authority is the need of the hour. It is imperative that we regain an understanding of this principle.

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Five High-Def Videos

Each Engage curriculum series is built on an easy to implement five-week model. Each week, as you gather men in a small group or huddle, we provide a short 10-15 minute video lesson, followed by a time of discussion, and a weekly challenge.

Centurion Leaders Guide

The Centurion Leaders Guide provides clear, concise, and easy-to-understand instruction, tips, and advise on leading a successful Engage huddle. The Centurion Leaders Guide is a PDF document which may be downloaded and printed immediately upon purchase.

Five Weekly Sets of Field Notes

Engage Field Notes provide a simple overview of each week’s key principles and precepts and helps ignite the passion of being an authentic man by providing a weekly challenge to each man in attendance. Each week’s Field Notes are a single-page PDF and you may print as many as you need. They may be downloaded and printed immediately upon purchase.

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Your Engage videos are available for immediate download upon purchase. The videos are formatted for enhanced viewing on an HDTV or your own video display system. Videos are MPEG4 encoded (.mp4) at 1280×720 resolution and average 500MB each.

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