Purposes Define Authenticity

Purposes Define Authenticity
January 5, 2015 Neil Kennedy

Purpose Defines Authenticity

When a man gains understanding of his purposes, his life becomes defined — not by appetites or addictions — but by a passion to fulfill those purposes.

That’s sounds promising but how do you know your purposes?

Purpose is inherent to creative design. In other words, without a Creator purpose doesn’t exist. That’s the fallout from evolutionary theory and practice. A man casts off all restraint if he doesn’t have the revelation of creative-designed purpose. He roams without restraint — looking, searching, wandering and confused. He becomes exasperated by the loss of significance.

As we become more aware of our purposes our life becomes a passionate pursuit to live a daily expression of authenticity. Authenticity in every area of our lives — adventurous in spirit, entrepreneurial in drive, gallant in relationships, faithful in character, and philanthropic in cause.

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Action Step:

Take some time today to analyze if your actions are aligning with your purposes.


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