Recalibrate Your Life

Recalibrate Your Life
April 30, 2010 Neil Kennedy

In aviation, you must set your directional intent precisely or you will end up hundreds of miles from your destination. In life, few men take the time to set their course. Most men simply wander through life.

One man said, “Where the purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable.”

If we don’t understand the purpose of being authentic men, we will certainly not be equipped to measure whether or not we are living with directional intent. We may need to recalibrate our lives. To calibrate means to make necessary adjustments to a standard of excellence.

We’re working on a 90-day challenge for FivestarMan. This challenge will be individually unique to each man corresponding to each of the five FSM passions. We will announce the details for FSM Calibrate 90 in a few weeks.

Keys to Recalibrate:

Invest One Hour to Clearly Write Down What Authentic Manhood Means To You

Habakkuk said, “Write the vision, and write with clear and easy language so that when you read it, the message motivates you to take action.” -Paraphrase

Recalibrating Allows You to Let Go of Dead Dreams

We all have friends who while in their youth had lofty dreams that excited them, but as time wore on, their dreams began to fade. Stop pursuing something that no longer excites you. Don’t feel obligated to keep trying an old dream. Dream again.

Do Not Get Your Motivation From Others, Motivate Yourself

David learned this lesson when facing a challenge in life. He learned that he could encourage himself in the Lord. Sometimes you have to encourage yourself. You may have to practice a self-pep-talk. There is nothing wrong with coaching yourself.

Never Make Permanent Decisions Because of Temporary Circumstances

I have done it. I’ve seen others do it. They forfeit their goals, their dreams, because of a temporary circumstance or feeling. Life is a cycle. You must be willing to deny the temporary pain for permanent gain.

Constantly Re-measure or Realign Toward Excellence

If you have ever worked construction, you’ve heard it said, “Measure once cut twice. Measure twice cut once.” When recalibrating life you must continually re-measure to the standard of excellence.

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