Resurrecting Authentic Manhood

Resurrecting Authentic Manhood
February 17, 2010 Neil Kennedy

For the last forty years or so, men have allowed a passivity to over take their assertive and decisive nature. We have surrendered our courage and laid down our arms.

Loosening our grip of manhood is akin to dropping the sword while standing on the field of battle—surrounded by ruthless warriors brandishing weapons with unwavering desire to strike us down—while we whisper the rhetoric of peace.

So-called progressive culture is attacking manhood on multiple fronts. Although we are not in a battle with carnal weapons, we are indeed in a battle — the battle of cultural ideas. Vain ideologies are encroaching more and more into the territory of manhood.

Foundational values are questioned, even reasoned as archaic, immature, and unhealthy ways of thinking. In the name of diversity and tolerance we are told to take a seat. It’s no longer our time. As men we’re considered irrelevant.

We see authentic manhood mocked on a daily basis; men are considered the butt of the joke—the jester of the household. We are portrayed as beasts, or on the flip side, sophomoric simpletons who grunt out our desires. True, authentic manhood has been under attack.

We must resurrect authentic manhood.

Although the task may seem hard and the timing wrong, sickened manhood can rise again in strength. We can shake off the bondage of passivity and embrace the adventurous spirit, once again taking the assertive role of leadership. The assertive nature is a disposition of confidence.

Remember, you are a man! You’re a husband, a father, and a leader. It is within your authority and responsibility to walk in the dignity of your destiny and the covenant of your calling.

The Nemesis of manhood wants to seduce you into the comfortable bed of passivity by breaking down your confidence. Stop it! Don’t listen to his lies. Don’t withdraw into the shame of inaction. Step up! Get back on the field of contest and assert yourself into the adventure of authentic manhood.

Steps To Resurrect Authentic Manhood

Get going. Joshua 1:2

Be a man of action. Get up off the couch and start moving. Re-enter the field of contest. Get your blood moving.

Take ownership. Joshua 1:3

Embrace personal responsibility. Don’t rely on the government, a company, or another person to make your life. Step out and take possession of your life.

Mark your territory. Joshua 1:4

Your world is only as big as the trails that you are willing to run. Some men never adventure out of their comfort zone. You may find a whole new world is awaiting you if you will be assertive enough to go there.

Take your stand. Joshua 1:5

Whatever you approach, do it with confidence. Fear will never serve you in victory. Stand up tall and straight, put your shoulders back and face the challenge head on.

Strength! Courage! Take the Lead. Joshua 1:6

Be a strong man. Your wife and children should draw strength from you. Don’t cower in the face of a challenge. If you want leadership, you must take responsibility for it. As men, we’re put in the position of leadership to protect those who we are leading.

Give it everything you’ve got. Joshua 1:7

Don’t do things halfway. Everything that your hand touches should be excellent! Excellence begets excellence. That means that when you prove yourself to do something right you will learn even better ways for the next time.

Renew your mind with God’s way of thinking and succeed. Joshua 1:8

Don’t attempt to have success in your old way of thinking. You can’t do the same old thing and expect new results. Learn the principles of God’s Word and apply them into your life.

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