The Adventurous Spirit Calls You To Take New Territory

The Adventurous Spirit Calls You To Take New Territory
January 5, 2010 Neil Kennedy

In Genesis, God calls Abraham to leave his country, his people, even his father’s household and go to the land of his destiny. Trust me, it wouldn’t be without a fight. Taking new territory never is. No one gives up territory just because you heard the voice of God.

“From there he went on toward the hills.” (Genesis 12:8)

Abraham’s life is filled with adventure. God calls him out of the enclosed tent to “go to a place he would later receive as an inheritance” (Hebrews 11:8). In obedience he went even though he did not know where he was going. Imagine being led through a wilderness without a compass, trusting only in the invisible guidance of God.

I believe that God’s voice is calling for the adventurous spirit that resides deep within us. He wants us to stand up and shake off our passivity, to step out onto the field of contest. He wants us to explore new territory, to embrace the challenge.

Don’t you sense it? Don’t you want to arise to a new level of living? Don’t you want to feel the rush, the ecstasy of risk?

Don’t you want to leave the comfort of vicarious living through the idolized sports figures of Sunday afternoon? Rather than paying an athlete tens of millions of dollars to live your glory why don’t we play our own game? Why don’t we get out on the field and rough it up?

Abraham was an adventurous spirit. He could have settled as his father, Terah, had done. Terah initially had a desire to go to Canaan yet he settled, choosing the fate of stopping short of his dream. He allowed comfort to strangle his dream and tie him down. Soon the energetic desire to move on became a faint memory. The voice of the Adventurous Spirit was a faint whisper and could no longer be heard.

I recall having a meeting with a businessman in his office. Hanging on his wall was a picture of a building that he had dreamed of building. I asked him, “Where is this building, it’s awesome, a masterpiece of design?” He said sadly, “It’s still resides in my heart, where it will stay, I am now too old to build it.”

The glazed dream in that man’s eyes will never leave him.

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  1. Randy Caswell 13 years ago

    Thanks for the article on adventure. Abraham recieved an incredible promise but acted on the promise. I wonder how many promises / adventures the Lord has for us and we are found on the side lines.
    Abraham served God in his generation and now I want to serve Him in my generation.

    Life is not boring serving the Lord.

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