Purpose Is The Adventurer’s Reward

Purpose Is The Adventurer’s Reward
January 7, 2010 Neil Kennedy

In order for God to move Abraham out of the comfort of his father’s settlement, he had to entice him with the promise, “I will show you. I will make you.” Genesis 12:1

Man is moved by the reward. His primal motivation keeps the end in mind. God appealed to the finish line mentality to move Abraham out of his tent and into a new territory.

Hearing the voice of God is the greatest adventure a man can have. When He calls you out, your purposes come alive.

When He whispers direction for your destiny, excitement fills your heart for a passionate life.

“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21

It isn’t enough to scheme a plan, or devise a strategy. Keeping the score of money earned will not fulfill your sense of adventure. It’s imperative to have the purpose of your adventure.

I have seen a lot of men devote themselves to good projects only to find out that they were just that—good projects. They live their lives with good intentions but not greatness. At the end of their days, they look back at their travel, their work, and the accumulation of their efforts and realize it was all vanity. Meaningless ambitions fill the activity of most men.

Some people confuse being zealous with being passionate.

Saul was a very zealous man. While on a trip to Damascus to persecute the Church, which he considered heretical radicals, the Spirit of God spoke to Saul, stopping him in his tracks. This one encounter would change his course and take him to take new territories. Hearing the voice of God will always lead to new paths in your life.

“The steps of a man are ordered by God.” -Solomon

You can be very zealous for God yet have never heard His voice. You can roam the earth yet be out of step with your purpose. Decide now that you are a man of destiny, a man that hears the voice of God. A man that has purpose.


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