The Difference Between Men and Women

The Difference Between Men and Women
October 30, 2012 Neil Kennedy

Within every man is a spirit of adventure.

You were made out of the dirt, molded from the clay, and that’s also where you are called to return.  It’s where you relate—the field of contest—whether it’s a football field, a baseball field, a golf course, or even a battlefield.  It’s on the field of contest that man clashes with other men sharpening his skills and strengthening his resolve.

Women relate face-to-face sharing feelings; men relate shoulder-to-shoulder facing challenges.  A woman tells you what she feels; a man tells you what he thinks.

The Bible says, “Iron sharpens iron, a man sharpens another man.” Iron does not sharpen with a caress but with a clash.  You become a better man by the competition.  The struggle strengthens you.

Do you always win?

No, but you become a better man.  The competition conditions you.

The field of contest has always been in the heart of a man.  Early man left the home to hunt in the field, to kill a wild beast, and to bring it home as a prize for his family.  The family celebrated his victory by cooking and feasting on his conquest.  At dinner, he was served first, because he was “The Man!”

Even though we still leave the house to enter the field of contest and return with provisions, something seems lost in translation when all we bring home is a paycheck.  The family doesn’t celebrate dad’s victories anymore.  Celebration has become expectation.  The family feels cheated if the money isn’t there when they want the latest cultural phenomenon.  The husband/father no longer receives honor for being the provider.  The dignity of vocation no longer commands respect.

“Adventure, with all its requisite danger and wildness,
is a deeply spiritual longing written into the soul of man.”

—John Eldredge

The adventurous spirit slowly dies when a man has to live his whole life refined in designer clothes.  Sometimes a man needs to get back out into the dirt and play as he did when he was a child.

So how about it, men? What do you do to get your “fingers in the dirt” and reclaim the adventurous spirit?

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