The Enemy Has Been Defined. You’re Him.

The Enemy Has Been Defined. You’re Him.
September 25, 2018 Neil Kennedy

by Neil Kennedy

A few years ago, when we launched the movement to resurrect authentic manhood, I often found myself very frustrated in my attempt to sound the alarm to the misandry that was spewing from every angle of our society.

Like a voice in the wilderness, I raised the volume of the warning that we are in a very real battle with an anti-man spirit. I offended many with my boldness and use of clear and direct language. My attempt to shake leaders from their apathy caused some to say that I was too coarse.


Some are saying that I was speaking prophetically. I won’t assume a title, nor pat myself on the back. I was merely trying to be faithful to the vision that God had given me. The vision to see men return to the original intent of authentic, biblical manhood.

Don’t be naïve. This cultural challenge isn’t something that is happening in elite circles of academia and government — it’s hitting cul-de-sacs of middle America.

Every day, I receive emails from men that are facing the challenge head-on. Every week, I speak to hundreds of men, thousands via our social media platforms and articles. The evidence is overwhelming. Men are under attack.

The enemy has been defined. You’re him.

As a man, you’re now considered expendable. You’re no longer needed. Provision? Protection? Procreation? No on all three accounts. You can and will be replaced. You’re an archaic and obsolete tool. A failed experiment. Radical feminists are aggressively plotting the matriarchal take-over.

What is behind this aggressive attack on men?

Again, the simple answer is that we’re wrestling an anti-man spirit. It can no longer be brushed off that I am an alarmist. The evidence is overwhelming.

Take the allegations against Justice Kavanaugh. A man of the highest level of integrity has been accused of a groping incident dating back to High School days. He has testified under oath, and threat of felonious indictment, to tell the whole truth whether he has ever treated any woman inappropriately.

The attorney for the accuser suggests that her client is not obligated to collaborate her claims. She must be believed on the basis that she is a woman. She must not only be heard, but believed without any further evidence to support her slanderous accusation. Even though the accuser can’t remember the day, month or year. She never raised the allegation until after a counselor suggested to her that she was abused. A man’s life, marriage, family, and career should not be thrown on the trash heap of toxic-masculinity simply because of this one woman’s claims.

Mrs. Ford is being used by media, unethical politicians and radical groups. By mob-rule they demand mob-justice. Mr. Kavanaugh is not to believed because he holds to an ideology that is not aligned with the pro-choice radicals.

I am not quick to defend a man who has claims against him. Some stupid men have abused women and misrepresented authentic manhood. There are countless examples of men who deserve severe punishment for their crimes and sins against women. However, women need to be very careful if they join the mob with character assignations — they are setting precedent that will make every man — their fathers, brothers, husbands and sons — fair game for the kill shot.

If the anti-man spirit succeeds, our society commits suicide.

The entire system will crumble. Our defenses will become vulnerable. Our economy shattered. It’s is a serious issue, and it is past time for us to step up to the challenge. I can’t stress the importance of this issue. It will have a direct impact on you.

When Persian King Xerxes’ wife, Vashti, refused his leadership, his advisers strongly counseled him that her behavior would not just affect the King’s palace but would impact every home in the 127 provinces in the Persian Kingdom. Vashti had to be removed from her position and privileges. If not, the entire kingdom would implode.

If Vashti’s behavior was allowed to stand, a precedent would establish that wives could argue against the leadership of their husbands. A wife could argue, “Queen Vashti did not respect her husband, neither will I respect mine.”

The King reordered the principle that “every man should be the leader of his own household.”

We can’t solve the national crisis without solving where we stand and represent manhood. This challenge is for every man to adopt a strategy to represent authentic masculinity and personally take responsibility for their actions. In other words, what you do matters to all of us!

What are our action steps?

We need to repent.
Yes, we need to turn our hearts to our wives and children. We must re-establish the priorities of our lives to revolve around the purposes of faithful character and gallant relationships. We must treat all women with respect, treating older women as our mothers, younger women as our daughters and our peers as sisters.

Cut the sophomoric games.
We must conduct ourselves with the dignity of a gentleman. I know true manliness seems to be a lost art, but it is vital that we are playing the A-game all the time. We can’t afford for juvenile banter and silly innuendos.

We must build a hedge of protection around our reputations.
The way that we do business, travel, conversations, et cetera must be evaluated so that we are not exposed and vulnerable to a trap.

We must fight back.
Not fighting in the traditional fashion of raising our voices and fists, but attacking the battle spiritually. It would require a much longer conversation to better explain this, but that’s what we do on our ChampionU.Life platform where we coach men to champion life.

This is a pivotal time for our generation. We will either step up to the challenge or we will shrink back into obscurity.

The efforts of FivestarMan are aligned with three strategies:

The Daily Champion. We want to encourage men every day and help transform their daily commute into the most critical time of their day.

ChampionU.Life is the platform that we engage men with life strategies designed to champion their life.

FivestarMan for Churches is our partnership with churches that adopt the proven strategy and message of authentic manhood.

As we continue to publish books, articles, enlarge our radio broadcast of The Daily Champion and work these three initiatives, we are fighting against the anti-man spirit. By traveling each week to churches and men’s conferences, we are taking the efforts to men face-to-face. Seeing men respond to altars of repentance and Spirit empowerment is changing lives.

I hope that you have decided to represent and resurrect authentic manhood. We’re here to help in any way that we can.

What are your thoughts on the battle we are facing with the anti-man spirit?

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  1. Ron Lynch 3 years ago

    Are you speaking in the Chicago area in the near future?

    • Author
      Neil Kennedy 3 years ago

      Yes, I will be speaking at Joliet Assembly of God – September 21 & 22.

  2. Les 11 months ago

    I’m not receiving the Daily Champion anymore. I’ve checked my junk folder rebooted my phone. I’m receiving all other emails but none from fivestarman. Please help God bless

  3. WILLIAM PARRIE 10 months ago

    For some reason I’m not receiving the daily champion anymore. I’ve tried several timers to resubscribe but I’m not getting the daily emails. My wife gets them and forwards them to me. Please help

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