The FivestarMan Movement

The FivestarMan Movement
April 5, 2010 Neil Kennedy

In his book, Why Men Hate Going To Church, David Murrow lays the groundwork for what most of us know — that is, men do not relate to the typical church. (I highly recommend this book for a foundational understanding of the reality of our challenge.)

In fact, if you survey the ministries of local churches, they are proud to offer children’s ministries, youth ministries, worship, and the arts. And women’s ministry is always front and center but men’s ministry is — well, it’s a joke. Click on the men’s ministry link on most church websites. It’s embarrassing.

Most men’s ministries are started as a result of an angry attempt to solve the cultural scourge of pornography. After a “stand-up brother” falls into this sin, the embarrassed pastor quickly responds with one program or the other, yet rarely truly explores the deep issues that men are facing.

Solomon said, “A man under the wrath of God commits adultery.”

This means that adultery is a result of a fallen relationship with God, not the initial cause of the fall. The cause of this broken relationship is much more severe than men simply not attending church. By the time a man is trapped in the sin of pornography he has lost his recognition of what it means to be an authentic man. He has turned from his God-given purpose.

He has surrendered authentic manhood.

Fortunately, pastors are beginning to take notice of this astounding truth. They are searching for a strategy that works.

Proverbs 20:5 states, “The purposes of a man are deep rivers, a man of understanding draws upon them.” (Paraphrase)

FivestarMan is a movement, not just a ministry program. Our goal is to resurrect authentic manhood by becoming the voice of the five God-given purposes of men: that of an Adventurous spirit, with an Entrepreneurial drive, Faithful in character, Gallant in relationships, and Philanthropic in cause.

FivestarMan expresses these values through:

FSM Initiative

The FivestarMan Initiative is a local group of men who use the proven strategies of Excursions, Encounters, Enterprise, Engage Huddles, and Exploits to express the five purposes of authentic manhood.

Centurion Resources and Training

This is a free resource for those who join the FSM Initiative. A Centurion is a leader of men. The groups who join FSM Initiative are constantly producing resources for free distribution for other FSM groups. This will become a storehouse of creative tactics to use and distribute. is an online men’s magazine that is designed to appeal to men’s values rather than attract his carnality. Thousands of men are reading the articles and viewing the videos at this premiere site. Our columns are carefully written and chosen for their encouragement for the authenticity of men.

By joining the FivestarMan Initiative, you are given the right to freely use the branding of FivestarMan. The resources are free, the results are amazing.

FivestarMan can help you reach more families for Christ than all other ministries combined. Statistics reveal that when a man comes to faith in Christ, the rest of the family follows his lead 93 percent of the time. That’s a powerful statistic.

Listen to the prophetic warning by Malachi, “I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the LORD comes. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse.”

Help us capture the hearts of men and resurrect authentic manhood by joining the movement of FivestarMan. Click here to register now.

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  1. Keith -Marsha Marks 13 years ago

    I’m glad someone wrote about this. A women’s ministry is all about celebrating and honoring women. In contrast, so many times, a men’s ministry is started to try to “straighten men out.” I’ve seen this attitude many times in the pulpit as well: Women are honored and men are fussed at. No wonder many guys don’t like church.

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