The Principle of Agreement

The Principle of Agreement
March 25, 2010 Neil Kennedy

The Principle of Agreement is one of the most powerful forces known on earth. In fact, marriage is built upon this principle so that it can withstand the constant pressures against it. Divorce runs rampant because agreement is fractured. Something or someone wedged within the relationship causing the division. The scheme works this way:

The seed of disagreement starts with a murmur.

Murmuring is an argument that is not voiced properly. It is an under-the-breath complaint. A grunt. A murmur is difficult to answer because the complaint—however legitimate—fails to communicate.

A murmur unaddressed matures to become strife.

Strife is a force of resistance. It is still unspoken, but you can feel it. When you enter a room where strife is present, your spirit immediately picks it up, your emotions become anxious and you sense danger.

Strife takes on evil work.

Evil work is actions that lead to the plotting and scheming to get one’s own way. Evil work takes on vain imaginations and delusions.

The next level is manipulation.

Manipulation is a “desire for political office by unfair means.” It is the beginning process of usurping authority. It is referred to as Machiavellian, which is a political manifesto on how to maneuver politically.

Manipulation gives way to witchcraft.

Witchcraft is not an old wrinkled woman stirring concoctions in a cauldron. It is the use of words to invoke a curse rather than a blessing. Couples resort to witchcraft when speaking with familiarity, practicing put-downs, and critical remarks. Coarse jesting to damage a person’s respect is a form of witchcraft.

Witchcraft gives place to rebellion.

Rebellion is the level at which a person accepts the spirit of Lucifer. Rebellion is a filthy sin against protocol. It is dangerous. This is where people get hurt.

Rebellion matures to the final level of disagreement: division.

The dividing of one to become two. It is the antipathy of two becoming one. This is why God hates divorce.

The scheme of division is placed in action because the Nemesis of man fears the principle of agreement. He know that when two agree on earth, touching anything, it will be done. No force on earth can stop the power of agreement. Whether in marriage, in business, or in life, learn to practice the principle of agreement. You will be unstoppable.


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