The Spirit of Adventure

The Spirit of Adventure
January 4, 2010 Neil Kennedy

What has happened to our spirit of adventure?

Society has calmed our spirit and seduced us with passivity. It has persuaded us that to be refined means to lay down our guns, to recline in our lazy-boy chair and simply dream of another era. Our nostalgia for a time where men traveled new trails and sailed new seas is long gone.

The stories of yesteryear are filled with exploration, new horizons, the climbing of unscaled mountains—but our lives are boring, simply an existence of the mundane. We here our momma’s voice crying out, “Be careful, don’t get hurt…” and other warnings echo in our ears. We’ve traded calloused hands for manicures.

This impotent lifestyle is a far cry from the lives of men who fill the pages of the Bible. If you read the Old Testament you can’t help but notice the teamwork between God and man on the field of contest. It seems that God is constantly calling men to build their weapons, engage in the battle, and to mark their territory.

The Bible paints the picture of a strong and rugged warrior walking with God, standing up and fighting for the advancement of the Kingdom.

Today’s predominant image of Christianity is one of passivity, more akin to the philosophy of self-denial and self-deprecation of Ghandi. So when we read the statement of Jesus who said, “The kingdom of heaven is advanced through force, and forceful men seize it” it seems out of character. Or we reconcile passivity with the account of Jesus whipping merchants in the Temple courts, who were profiteering off of the religious convictions of the people.

God tells man to “fill the earth and subdue it.” Look at God’s directive for man. He says, “Take it all.”


  1. Aaron Butt 13 years ago

    Hey Brother Neil!
    I have really enjoyed the posts that you have put out, they have been a blessing!
    I have a strong desire to step out and experience new things with God and for God, to fulfill the call of the “Adventurous Sprit”, And I know I need to start with the basics of studying God’s word and being sensitive to Him, Do you have any other suggestions?

  2. Neil 13 years ago

    Thanks, Aaron. We appreciate you connecting with FSM. I recommend connecting to the YouVersion Reading plans (look to the right). I am currently working through a 90 day plan. Also, I highly recommend reading Proverbs every day.

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