What Will Be Done for the Man?

What Will Be Done for the Man?
August 10, 2010 Neil Kennedy

Two armies have aligned against one another. Bitter foes with years of conflict behind them have drawn their battle lines. The champion warrior named Goliath steps into the Valley of Elah and raises his blasphemous voice mocking the army of Israel. The men trembled in their shoes, knees knocking, and hearts failing. All that they could think of is what they left behind – their wives, children, homes, and their jobs.

A young man, simply on assignment to deliver his brothers their lunch overhears the warrior’s scoff. He inquires from those standing around, “What will be done for the man?”

I think that it is one of the greatest questions that could have been asked. It set a young man apart from the crowd. It distinguished his motivation. It showed tremendous courage and revealed maturity beyond his years.

His brother assigned his question to arrogance. Others laughed with disbelief. But David persisted, “I have slain a lion, a bear, and this man will be nothing but another step in God’s faithfulness to me.”

While the thoughts of others focused on their potential loss, David’s thoughts were on what would he gain when he asked, “What will be done for the man?”

The size of your enemy determines the size of your reward.

Three Rewards for Facing Giant Challenges:

Great Wealth

  • Your gains in life are in direct proportion to the problems that you solve.
  • You must be a problem solver.
  • Look for problems that others are avoiding.
  • Necessity is the mother of invention.
  • Look for ways to be paid residually from the problems that you solve.
  • You will never be rich remaining comfortable.
  • To get something that you’ve never had you must do something that you’ve never done.

Special Status

  • Influence is a key to enlarging your rewards in life.
  • Influence is a currency that is better than money.
  • Influence is not fame. Fame is fleeting. Influence is legendary.
  • Influence opens doors that are shut to others.

Royal Lineage

  • A decision today can affect your descendants forever.
  • Stepping up to the challenge can redirect your future.
  • The prophecies and promises of your childhood will be revealed on the field of contest.

David stepped onto the field of contest that day to face his giant. It was that day that the anointing on his life was revealed. It was that day a boy became a man, even THE man. Goliath was a scourge on society that needed to be removed. Taking him out catapulted David into his destiny.

Your rewards are determined by the size of your challenges.


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