Where Are The Fathers?

Where Are The Fathers?
March 25, 2010 Neil Kennedy

March 24, 2010
Seattle, Washington

The mother of a 15-year old Seattle girl is furious because her daughter had an abortion with some assistance from the nurses at her school and she was never informed. She only found out after the fact when her daughter had an unrelated health problem and finally revealed she had terminated a pregnancy.

The girl attends Ballard High School in Seattle which has a teen health clinic inside. The clinic is run by Swedish Medical Center and administered by the King County Health Department.

According to the girl’s mother, who did not want to give her name, her daughter was given a pregnancy test at the school clinic which was positive. She was then told by the nurse that she could have an abortion at a nearby Planned Parenthood clinic without her parents’ knowledge.

The girl then called a taxi, which picked her up at the school and drove her by herself to Planned Parenthood. The mother says once at the clinic a Planned Parenthood worker discouraged her daughter from informing her parents. She claims the worker told her that if she kept quiet the procedure would be free, but if she told her parents they would have to pay for the abortion.

The mother acknowledges she signed a consent form at the beginning of the school year giving the school permission to administer health care off campus. She assumed that meant in cases of emergency. Nowhere on the form is abortion mentioned.

A King County Health official would not speak about any of the details surrounding the case, but did say that no laws were broken. In Washington State a girl of any age can get an abortion without her parent’s being notified. It’s one of 15 states without either parental consent or parental notification laws.

The county health official also says that schools routinely send kids in taxis when they’re taken off campus for medical procedures.


What’s missing in the above article?

There is not one mention of a male. The argument of abortion has been segregated from men. Society has alienated us from the conversation. We are given no “right” to speak to this subject.

Completely absent in this story is a reference to the father of the child who fathered the infant that was aborted, nor the father of the 15-year-old child fleeced by the public school and the eugenic engineers of Planned Parenthood.

Where are the fathers?

It is time for authentic manhood to give voice to this scourge on our society. Our strategy will not work by yelling or demanding to be notified.  We must circumvent the process by not giving woman the “choice” to slay our children.

Solomon addressed it this way, “Should your springs overflow in the streets, your streams of water in the public squares? Let them be yours alone, never to be shared with strangers.”

We need to teach our sons that they deposit “life-giving-seed” and they should protect their “streams” from an unworthy woman. We should place an extreme value on the seed of mankind. Man is progenitor of humankind. We are responsible for the sowing of seed.

Let’s circumvent the argument. Let’s resurrect manhood so that our sons value themselves and their seed again. Let’s teach our sons to be gallant in their relationships, respecting themselves with the dignity of the life-giver.


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